WeChat: operators walk to eat the flesh of operators

there are a lot of people think that if compared WeChat to operators, it is not too much, because WeChat is actually doing the operators.

the current main business of communication operators include: fixed phones, PHS, 2 g, 3 g mobile phone, broadband Internet access, dedicated circuit connection, total six big business. And communications operators business implementation of main functions include: voice calls) (including video calls, text messages, high-speed Internet access (including 3 g and broadband access, circuit access), etc., of course, SP, CP, etc.

we will try to WeChat functions and operators business one by one, see how to do the operator WeChat are:

1, SMS

message is users via mobile phones or other telecommunications terminal direct text or digital information sent or received, every time the user can send and receive messages on the number of characters, is 160 in English or numeric characters, or 70 Chinese characters.

no matter where, as long as you have his number can send. International information, of course, if you want to send, will have to apply for related business, and prices are very expensive. And micro letter is you want to say text messages can be sent to each other, no matter where each other, as long as there is his signal, with the help of the network, can avoid tariffs, you just buckle flow, under the wifi is equivalent to free. And still no word.

is slightly different, micro letter only to have a friend micro letter. Although WeChat can’t completely replace text, but with the rapid popularization of WeChat, user base is bigger and bigger, the more threatening to operators. Now WeChat has can completely meet the demand of most people’s message.

just SMS to WeChat pocket the money flow, operators of course not happy.

2, MMS

MMS actual technically is not a text message, but with the support of GPRS network, on the carrier of WAP wireless application protocol transmit information such as pictures, sounds and words. MMS business can realize real-time mobile phones end-to-end, terminal to the Internet or the Internet to multimedia information of mobile terminal.

MMS biggest characteristic is to support multimedia capabilities, able to deliver the content of the comprehensive functions and information, the information including text, images, voice, data and other information of various kinds of multimedia formats. To the more expensive than SMS number of MMS tariffs, however, though the quantity is not big, but is still a piece of delicious cake.

look at micro letter, text, images, sound, video, and so on functions, the main or free, only deduct traffic.

remember at the time of 7 years, want to send a video to each other? Only good using mobile phones to record video first, then via MMS to each other, but the tragedy is the size of not more than 100 k, which is big is only a few seconds. Now WeChat can send video, and still can take a long a long period, this is actually just need, but not when the MMS development, prices too expensive is one of the factors.

if these functions WeChat entirely replace the MMS, believe you also won’t be against it. Don’t know how many people now use MMS? If not to mention, I believe everyone forget it’s there, for 95 after friends, I’m afraid don’t even know what is MMS.

3, video call

video calls, call video phone again, divided into IP routes and walk ordinary telephone lines in two ways. Usually refers to video calls based on the Internet and mobile Internet (3 g) Internet, by mobile phone real between transmit voice and image (bust of users, photos and articles, etc.) of a way of communication. If the ordinary telephone is “clairaudient”, video phone call is “clairaudient”, and “clairvoyance”.

as early as a few years ago, but very cool thing, video calls and is also one part of the selling point of mobile advertising. But is 3 g mobile phone and 3 g business, is still very expensive charges, enough to put the 95% of users prick silk. And WeChat? This function of course won’t let go, as long as the user in the case of wifi, make free video calls with each other. In the absence of wifi can also, of course, but it is traffic consumption faster.

4, called

this is a direct hit operators cover door, push the cake points out many, of course, micro letter call is no substitute for the function. Micro letter voice talk, however, has got the big a piece of cake, but had been hidden in the function of video calls for voice calls this function, also can saying is the network telephone, this feature can completely replace the phone, and even if the other party in a foreign country, also can play, and in the case of wifi, entirely free of charge.

micro letter replaces many exotic love communication, also save a large sum of money for them, so in foreign students, micro letter is popular. The penis was WeChat trample, can let the operators don’t angry?

5, text me

New Year’s day is a holiday, the Chinese people are very like to bless their relatives and friends or clients send text messages, and mass is the most simple way, no one. This habit is very popular with operators, because users will be one-off consumption dozens or even hundreds of text messages, the operators, is money.

in WeChat one version, however, also add the plug-in, can solve part of the crowd the habit of texting, and Chinese New Year when the snake information, do not know how many times more in WeChat pass, I believe you also. But can’t completely replace, of course, but in five years, ten years? If WeChat can also be strong at that point, if not entirely replace, also should be able to account for a big head.

6, SP business

SP business has a long history and may now be 95 generation have what is not clear. But if a few examples, they should also think of it, such as sending a text message: you can download, or when some simple questions and answers on TV, send a message to tell the right answer will have a chance to get the corresponding awards and so on.

of course, all of these are profitable, and interest is not small. What is so WeChat SP? If the public accounts as SP, is easy to understand. Although the form is different, but do the same. Micro letter open function of the payment in the future, as long as people can persuade xiao-long zhang, it can be completely when the play moved to SP public account.

in addition to the above example, WeChat WeChat group, real-time conversations, location, business CARDS, etc, these may and operators in the business, but also solve a lot of user requirements and points a little cake for operators. Besides number allocation, traffic and so on, WeChat do completely is operators, operators can you say no hurry?

but also have said publicly that Zhou Hongyi WeChat spiritual already eliminated operators.

source: lei feng network