WeChat large area network fault can’t send information

April 10 messages in the afternoon, Beijing time backs, according to a number of weibo users reflect, micro letter appeared widespread network failure, the user can’t send the point-to-point information, cannot in the group of release information, friends also can’t update messages.

it is important to note that late yesterday, tencent micro letter, say micro team already start 2.5 G network optimization plan, is now in the signaling and operator operations to discuss solutions, to alleviate the micro letter occupy too much communication network signaling resources problem.

, according to the

tencent micro letter technology team are signaling and operator operations to discuss solutions, in the near future is expected to achieve intelligent dynamic reduce signal frequency of 2.5 G technology, signaling load is expected to greatly optimized solution.

but today, according to a number of weibo users, mobile, unicom, telecom network or WiFi, micro letter used in the network fault, not only can’t send messages, can use various functions, such as the circle of friends.

the personage inside course of study says, micro letter such large fault should have nothing to do with operators, may be the letter itself server failure. (east)

18:55 update:

so far, WeChat service has returned to normal, but WeChat team did not fault the reasons why.

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source: sina science and technology