WeChat international expansion is tencent own worst enemy

hunting cloud network ever article description, and concluded that the American market is decided to believe that the key of the success of international expansion.

but the main focus is on that article WeChat and Line race, lack of depth analysis of the tencent company. This article the author today to try to explore the difficulty of the international expansion of tencent, what successful experience can be for reference.

a, tencent why want to set up offices in North America

let’s begin with this advertising image:

in Chinese companies, particularly Chinese game company’s overseas department worked for friends, see an advertisement always smile.

the picture very accord with Chinese companies operating facebook platform advertising paradigm. Chinese university English education to cultivate up band 4 and band 6 grammar no problem, but it is strange to read English document, “join WeChat, send facebook money “Chinese AD… And the X Line style tribute “smiling eyes, all through the thick” Chinese wind “and” tencent style “.

activity date from advertisers, and below the search wechat weixin copy of view (of course is not uniform wechat English name), which is the micro letter “masterpiece” of the Marketing Department in the first half of last year.

this sitting in shenzhen, guangzhou office only hung VPN to facebook employees out of the “Chinese style English advertising” to WeChat are generalized to the U.S. market, is that possible?

this is why for international expansion, the reason of tencent must set up the office: only in the United States have independent market and operating groups, can really close to the target population, targeted marketing. WeChat wanted to expansion in the United States, the challenge is not just a Line , facebook or Path rivals such as, more want to challenge is tencent “war lay outside the civil war expert,” Chinese genes!

2, a: why is it so hard to expand overseas?

the Chinese Internet company is not short of the top companies in the global price. Seldom does a company have influence beyond China’s borders the global market. With lively behind closed doors in the Chinese market games, out of the wall but do nothing. Why is that?

it’s hard to answer this question, no matter how to say it is easy to buckle on “biased” or “selling” hat. In short, the writer readers with the click of a spray, please.

the Chinese market grew up in the river’s lake, always unavoidably “the user when an idiot” psychological, users also lack of the products. Industry bosses have platform level products, can easily to promote other products, the first company small dead on the beach.

of course, the United States is not without such behavior, but the end is not the same. Facebook Snapchat launched Poke , two days which falls the cloud, the harvest is the user a lot of evaluation and prick up middle finger after a week.

tencent is a Chinese bosses. He knows the Chinese market, understand the Chinese users. By the platform and the chain of human relationships, more elegant and more suitable for mobile WeChat market share in China. In China’s Internet world, if tencent really want serious to do an event, the result is very terrible, of course.

but in the us market?

IM or social class application of this kind of things, tend to be friends with what, what you need. Because the essence of it lies in the chain of interpersonal relationships. In the United States market, tencent no accumulation of relationships between users. The user the interpersonal relationship between precipitation in facebook , path , whatsapp , but won’t be in the or WeChat. All need to start anew, WeChat is a chaser.

the user’s taste is different also. It is hard to believe that the user will like a multifunctional complex products, light colorful drill.

as a chaser, as a “new” in the U.S. market, WeChat to truly succeed in North America, must rely on a large number of local talent, “is almost independent of the tencent” operational products. That is to say, get rid of tencent’s genes, “the Chinese market 3 multi-user “such brilliant and aura, hard work, like a startup to fight!


RIOT mode brings inspiration

the author said above tencent lack experience in international expansion, and are accurate enough. Tencent is actually have a very successful international experience. That is 2011 purchase hero alliance economic of legends Riot . Riot only a small game studios, the United States in the acquisition of tencent Riot after this two years, the hero alliance has grown into the world’s largest online games, the world’s first electronic games. The global online at the same time more than 500 , global monthly active users 7000 . In the us and Europe’s biggest games live sites Twitch , a hero league tournament live audience highest, is the world of warcraft 7 , Dota2 times!

success on the one hand, stems from a hero league game of good qualities. On the other hand, tencent and Riot