WeChat confirm WeChat charging tencent “cheat” user is chicken thieves

opens out a few words first, there are a lot of readers may feel lied in such words a little title party, but looking back to the depoliticization of micro letter charge, tencent was “cheating” two words.

as previous hunting cloud network on July 18, exclusive industry wrote in fact:

hunting cloud network learned that guangdong unicom will become the first domestic operators with WeChat depth cooperation, new products named “” WeChat, users need to buy separate the two sides together to push a special 3 gsim card, can enjoy preferential privilege service such as WeChat flow. Tencent has confirmed the news. And tencent’s Yi Xun network will become the first domestic micro letter custom phone exclusive online sale platform, sale on August 8.

yesterday, tencent officially released and unicom cooperation. So what WeChat walter is what east east?

“WeChat wo” SIM card users enjoy the WeChat games, music, movies, pictures, groups, expression, mobile payment, mobile phone beautiful various privileges, including WeChat group number can be upgraded to 60 people, heng has exclusive expression, pay 98.5% discount, $10, 300 m WeChat directional flow (sales per month plus send 200 m), games, preferential rights, etc.

the communications industry experts published blog calculated brushstroke zhang Chen zhigang:

according to WeChat official data, through WeChat send voice, flow 0.9 KB of 1.2 KB/s; Sending pictures, about 50 KB to 200 KB/sheet. According to the ministry of industry and information published WeChat class (including other IM software) the number of users, sending messages to calculate average more than 10, one hundred million (486 million users), about each user sending a message is about 61.72.

according to the above statistics, even micro letter all user used to transmit image data, monthly flow consumption but also an average of 12 m flow, and the user if the directional flow of 500 m run out, you will need to send at least 86 pictures, average daily traffic daily average of 3.95 hours, it is impossible for the user, because in the first half of 2013, mobile users on MOU to local dialect is 160.2 minutes/month, mobile long-distance MOU to words, 47.9 minutes per month.

that is to say, the 500 m WeChat directional flow package, for most users, can only be carrying a bowl to quench thirst, only to find that in the face of a lake, hard to avoid feel overqualified kill chickens wheel.

and because of this flow is directional flow package, can not be used for other purposes, if in the plans of WeChat walker, empty and found 500 m users because other flow directional flow package a month remaining hundreds of megabytes can’t consumption, from the perspective of the user’s consumption psychology, hard to avoid can anger or the feeling of being deluded.

Chen zhigang is very sharp, see at a glance the cooperation issue.

in other words, the “micro letter,” exactly is what kind of cooperation? Unicom to circle the user to come in, with micro letter was intended user just want to buy a spoon, but is forced to joint POTS and pans bought together, otherwise can’t, can leave, all money must leave. Original user several cent can fix things, but are forced to spend 10 yuan.

the spoon is unicom traffic fees, POTS and pans is WeChat income. And in the cooperation, WeChat use this card to carry out other business sense is very obvious, is even more than China unicom.

in essence, “micro letter,” this card is the beginning of the micro letter real charge. Giving unicom charge, by micro letter.

say good not to collect fees? ! Previously, many executives, including ma, tencent has vehemently denied WeChat fees, including the ministry leader publicly WeChat fees, tencent a tough response won’t charge. But now it seems that those even “micro letter charge is 360 to launch the line rumor” suggests that proved to be tencent naked pr.

the charge is not a sufficient cause of disgrace, why good Internet service is free? The personage inside course of study in the middle of the night and xiao yun communication, tencent is the group of companies understand the prick silk, he clearly know WeChat sooner or later will charge, but in order to expand the user base, in order to round up more user base, but he is no charge for foreign define. Because he knew that in China said the charge is the user away. Wait until the user relationship slowly migrated to micro letter platform, wait for users to get into the habit of use micro letter, enriching, can be killed.

want to charge another began to fool the user not to collect fees, but user base far tacitly to collect fees, tencent the chicken thieves.