WeChat closed “game center” to catch on August 5 launched formal version 5.0

after the confirmed yesterday, tencent micro letter quietly in the internal release the latest beta, the biggest change is to increase the “game center”, allows users to play games with friends.

hunting cloud network first witnessed the new page, “game center” is placed in the micro letter of version 5.0 “found” in the navigation bar, in the bottom position, for now, the recommended weight below even near “, “” bottle” these services.

open, after the “game center” page and provide product list for the user to choose not to download, or according to the classification of query functions; But the system according to the friends in the game automatically recommended products, it also conforms to the tencent strategy based on social relations to operate the product.

micro letter will push the game center plans have been in the industry already know, but subject to product customization, to pay, and factors such as linking to tencent mobile gaming platform, products have not been able to come. Last week, the company has the internal test version 5.0, payment tool, the first batch of products. The first to participate in the test of game products include even sprout every day, “everyday speed”, “master of rhythm”, “eliminating everyday love”, “cool everyday run”, “joy doudizhu” and so on, covers the lianliankan, racing, music, elimination, parkour, chess and other types. Have learned every day series game developed by tencent day tour of the art studio.

on pay, WeChat USES the independent brand tools. The news that is based on goods tenpay product improvement, users binding bank card directly online after filling words fee, buy McDonald’s and other services.

cloud network hunting speculation, basic can tell the time closed “game center” is the ultimate closed. After get through the game center, payment tool, believe that the micro letter 5.0 will soon be launched. According to “WeChat walter” on August 5, pre-sales, WeChat 5.0 should be launched before August 5.