Web page version of Google Maps version of Google + like Google map

according to unofficial Google news blog Google Operating System , according to the pictures on Google recently seems to improve web page version of Google Maps and is expected to launch a new user interface.

previous match search information is displayed in the sidebar, and this update will remove the sidebar, instead of all information display method is to directly array in the map. At the same time, ICONS, text style and color map has improved. Believe that after the revision will have a better visual experience.

after the revision of Google Maps new feature is integrated the + . Users can comment on rates and + on the recommendation of friends to sift through local search results.

Google map The current interface

Google map Revised interface

Google is expected in the coming week

all Google I/O announced on the revised news. Google I/O Google annual developers conference in San Francisco.

the following is the current Google Maps interface and network version of Google Maps photos.



2013 , Google will be on 5 on 15 to 17 , held in San Francisco. From the perspective of the process arrangement of Google project website, Google in the Google Maps seems to have a lot of new action!