Wang xiaochuan said millet immoral millet emergency stop service share the Wifi password function

millet new feature — beautiful MIUI Wifi password self-service share function caused by the outside world for the alleged infringement of privacy debate continues, sogou CEO wang xiaochuan said publicly that the larger function there is moral hazard.

after the sina science and technology in the report pointed out that science and technology of millet released at the annual conference of new feature — beautiful MIUI Wifi password self-service share a controversial, many Internet users accused millet this behavior will lead to Wifi serious security hidden danger, have a coffee shop owner even accused millet this behavior as stealing.

the so-called “public Wifi password self-service share” function, namely after the user into the coffee shop to get the password can be a key to share with the public, other millet users can not enter the password directly connected wi-fi. Lei jun, millet is now stored 230000 public Wifi password.

“my Wifi is provided to store customer value-added services, this function can let millet users free net, this kind of behavior can be stealing.” Coffee shop owner the small were very angry, the small, according to his coffee shop open for more than 50% of the customers are because of the Internet to consumption, his store is open, this feature may seriously affect the operations of a coffee shop.

about whether millet the privacy debate continues, today, sogou CEO wang xiaochuan publicly comment on said, there is a bigger risk of moral hazard, alluding to the unethical behavior.

“The idea is not new, sogou product planning also rethinking whether in mobile browser or independent products increase this function, because quite accord with sogou” from Internet users for Internet users “of the concept of product. But in the end did not do, do have a greater risk of morality. To see what the company will follow up.”

wang xiaochuan implied, millet of so-called innovation isn’t fresh, it is because of considering the moral risk, sogou gave up the feature and don’t want to have other companies are doing.

Mr Luo also published weibo, millet move close to the “evil”. “Reference for carefully. Millet out, has been doing very well, most of the time get scold is unreasonable, but this time, is already very close to the evil. Don’t be silly bottom go to, send a statement on Monday, cancel this function. “

update: this afternoon came, millet rice company, about product research and development manager On weibo said publicly that have stopped beautiful MIUI WiFi sharing function, and has set up a destruction of storage on the server all users share the WiFi password.

we are very willing to listen to your voice, have stopped beautiful MIUI WiFi sharing function, and has set up a destruction of storage on the server all users share the WiFi password (this feature is only on a small scale test development version, functions have stopped, interface updates) next Friday. We will continue to explore business and customer win-win solutions, to promote a better and convenient online experience!

at the same time, lei jun also said publicly that produce business and customer win-win solution as soon as possible, to listen to you opinion.