Wang: baidu to buy 91 is paving the way for the wireless search

wang xiaochuan/article

baidu this acquisition is going the right direction. Baidu, the biggest challenge now is whether the wireless strategy to succeed. If successful, will return to the pull of the billions of company value; If you fail, baidu will become yahoo! So if it is able to influence the baidu wireless strategic success probability of purchase, the price is the current market value of 2% or 10%, baidu is a philosophical question, not a technical issue.

back to baidu wireless strategy to see the value of 91, we have to answer: “what is the wireless search? “, I recently gave view: wireless search is a hole. Mean two layers: 1, wireless search form is not the same as the web search product, is the map search baidu is hair? Is voice assistant (similar to Siri’s voice q&a, baidu, sogou are doing)? Or taobao, the public comments on the vertical service? Or micro letter, sogou number on the common platform products? The future will show the answer in the flowers, but if you only embrace web search and map search must be fall into the pit; 2, the search is always later than other mature business model, in the ecosystem if other services not mature and not make money, the search is not mature and make money. Baidu listed in 2005, later than other Internet companies listed in 2010 for five years, don’t just see product technology breakthrough, but to see the inevitable developing trend of industry.

to be more straightforward, wireless search is a DaHang meaning is realized wireless search product shape and business are early mature, under the pressure of capital markets and the expansion of the enterprise inertia, ripening is equal to death. Not to the maturing of the wireless search such as baidu, and on the PC search was worrying, sogou and 360 natural pressure. This kind of circumstance, can’t direct continuation of PC search, how to layout can pave your way to the future of wireless search possibilities, but also has the flow distribution ability and revenue models?

the answer is “mobile phone assistant” products. Meant to do a contrast: mobile phone assistant of PC browser. The mobile phone market is equal to the site navigation station. Baidu this acquisition, in building a wireless search “stage”, this is the value of 91.

sogou and 360 will continue to build a three-stage rocket in the field of wireless. 360 has been a step ahead, in the second half of this year sogou will keep up with the (leak). 360 mobile phones guard and sogou input method users are ranked wireless products sector (the first name is tencent QQ + micro letter). As for what would be the battle of three-stage rocket and secondary rockets, you can enjoy reasoning.

source: tencent technology