Visit: amazon bezos personal kingdom, Wang Xing people of the world

two weeks ago, I meet people from Microsoft and amazon in Seattle, because the meeting is formal contact, I will not talk to specific content. But in here, I want to share with you, in contact with these companies, my experience.

the first is the amazon, I can only talk about perceptual and fuzzy understanding to them, because I only communicate with them for half a day time.

the following are some of the aspects I think stand out:

there is no other buildings around the amazon’s headquarters, it is in the heart of Seattle, I’m from my hotel to walk there, sometimes, I’ll get other office building for amazon, there is no “amazon” because of its building Logo , so it’s hard to find it. The distinctive features, the larger company has great attraction for job seekers.
amazon focus on user experience. this is obvious, because they have many of the buildings a is named after its first user. In the amazon, the user experience is the core of the constant, I think, for the amazon is very good, can let them quickly make a decision, daily work have started here. It can completely and Microsoft, Microsoft does not seem to have an overriding principle to help them make decisions.

amazon office there are a lot of a lot of big dogs… Before I didn’t think there will be so much. If you are a dog lover, that amazon is very suitable for you.
this is a very mysterious. in our contact, even if this is an informal, but they also do very careful meticulous, you almost can’t see it and what is the difference between formal talks. Maybe because this is the first contact between us, it is also possible, it is such a company a degree of secrecy is tight than apple company.
amazon bezos is almost “one company”. he is one of the main reasons for people to work in the amazon. His decision is crucial for the company. You can say that, if anything happened to him, that the company will also feel the pain. It’s like Steve jobs for apple, just in the amazon, bezos worse. The two companies of different is that apple before making a decision is made by a person, is made by a team; And amazon, it is more like bezos one’s company.