Vice President of Google Android products joining millet ren, vice President barak’s departure

All ThingsD foreign science and technology media reported that Android product management vice President Hugo barak (Hugo Barra) from Google’s departure. Sources said that barak will join the millet company.

10:45 update: millet technology President held just posted a message on weibo, confirm Hugo barak will join the millet, millet, vice President. After joining millet, barak will will be in charge of international business development, millet and Google Android’s strategic cooperation.

and barak to join Google in March 2008. The following year, promoted from Google product project experience Android, vice President of product management. Before joining Google, speech technology company, in the world famous once Nuance. As Google’s “star”, for many times attend barak Google I/O’s press conference, and known by the industry. In this year’s Google developers conference, barak has show a new generation of Nexus 7 to the participants.

as Rubin (Rubin) after the departure of the Android business, one of the most important pillar of barak’s departure seemed to trigger chaos in the forefront Google mobile department. At the same time, some people also question the Android Google development strategy in the status and development trend.