Verizon, America’s telecoms operators: your Nexus 7 buy from elsewhere, so can’t use our 4 g!

according to several foreign media coverage of science and technology, more than just to get the Google Nexus 7 (the second generation of 4 g LTE) user pointed out that Verizon did not activate the device in the 4 g SIM card, so that the users can’t use Verizon 4 g LTE networks.

users are livid on Twitter and other social networks about what had happened to her.

this, Verizon is given in the official Twitter’s response was: “not all of the Nexus 7 (4 g LTE) users can equally enjoy from Verizon’s 4 g network. Due to the users to buy the Nexus 7 from a third party, therefore temporarily unable to get our delegation of 4 g networks.”

the famous American journalist, science and technology bloggers, author of “Google will bring what Jeff Jarvis (Jeff Jarvis) in personal blog, openly questioned the Verizon the legality of this action. He cites the FCC regulations pointed out: “Verizon as the owner of the 4 g network bandwidth, he should be allowed to all customers to use the Internet, equally and not to limit the user’s purchase behavior.”

, a Verizon spokesman said in an interview: “at present this batch of Nexus 7 from a third party has not been our authorization. However, once the equipment’s 4 g network is activated, we will immediately notify the user.