Venture capitalists Anderson: I still bullish on the desktop market

Beijing time on April 12, according to foreign media reports, the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz’s co-founder mark Anderson (Marc Andreessen), said he still bullish on the prospects for development on the desktop.

, for example, if our generation grew up living in a world in which only the tablets and smartphones. Suddenly one day, someone started to use a laptop with 27 inches display screen. You are very curious, because you find all the things on the tablet and smartphone can be found on the surface of the table, and you don’t need to download or update applications. All applications are the latest, and very convenient, you can just click to obtain desired information. If you are an application developer, you will be very free, because no one will go to review your application or the application of new updated version.

andreessen says. “for us, this situation is better. So, in the long run the mobile web will be more than native applications. Similarly, in the field of the desktop, web has better application. When using the web page to complete a work, experience on the desktop is better than the application a lot.”

it is based on this logic, andreessen Rockmelt for the investment. This project is not the latest tablet computer application, also is not the latest smartphone applications, but a web site.

the Rockmelt co-founder and CTO Tim house (Tim Howes) said, “we are all the client programmer, but we are not limited to this.”

when Rockmelt project started in 2009, house, and his business partner, the company’s CEO Eric d summer (Eric Vishria) developed a client software, the first “social”, the browser in the world and the well-known andreessen is behind them. As andreessen united in the 1990 s has created the world’s first web browser, Rockmelt also hope oneself can change our normal browsing habits, which is more adapt to the Internet is more and more social. Although d said in the summer of 4.5 million users to download the browser Rockmelt, but obviously not caused a stir in the industry.

last year, and in the summer house will be their focus to the tablets and smartphones, and on the two platforms are introduced local application. However, they are now the latest project once again return to the desktop platform. D summer said that “mobile end relations with the desktop, as China’s relations with the United States. For each company, China is a very important market, it can be mobile. But the United States is still the important market.

in the past few years of entrepreneurship, they learned something, namely, Rockmelt’s future is still on the Web. Xia said, “the company’s strategy to adapt to the market, always find a way to work, abandons the impractical plan.” In the early stages of RockMelt company development, they mainly focused on two aspects of the Web content: 1) from friends, photos, websites and the content of the new site, and 2) the other aspects of content. In the latest browsers, they use a magnet (tile) to replace the traditional input field to the URL. Magnet will be constantly updated to display corresponding to the latest content of a web page. This form is very attractive eye, so the user activity is very good.

the same strategy on tablets and smartphones also received certain effect, but the most warmly received on the desktop. In the early days of RockMelt site testing, all kinds of news, photos, video and other forms of Internet content in the form of magnet, engineer team found user clicks on the number of times is growing very quickly. Users click on smart phones every day more than 100 magnet, on a tablet that number is 225, and the user clicks on the desktop to a staggering 1000 times. D summer noted that most of the user’s click belongs to the content of entertainment, but Rockmelt efforts on the Web is the hope can bring more interesting to the user experience.

for Rockmelt, these are very good sign, especially the desktop. Indeed, tablets and smartphones are becoming more and more important, instead of PC sales can use poor to describe. But andreessen, points out that, after all, now there are more than 800 million computers in the world, they are used in public places, office and home, PC sales and even in some places. If the Web can combine multiple platforms, it is for everyone a happy thing, and andreessen firmly believe that this day would come.

andreessen says. “to some extent, the function of these devices is slowly convergence. For some killer applications, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Gmail, you can find the corresponding version in almost all platforms, you even can be used on multiple devices at the same time.”

“I use a laptop at work, walk in the use of smart phones, and cloud computing makes acquisition and processing of information more convenient. I don’t think we can use only a specific device.”

in the future, like Rockmelt support all platform company (including the desktop) will get the user’s favor, to succeed in the market.

translation: tencent technology