Vane! Murdoch to sell American local newspaper said no longer meet the news group development strategy

although the newspaper business was “hacking” the impact of the scandal, but he remains through spin-offs, save his favorite newspapers. At the same time, news corp and murdoch’s restructuring for the newspaper business is in progress. Recently, news corp., sold the United States dow Jones’s 23 local newspaper, said local newspaper has overall strategy does not conform to the news group.

the the transfer of the local newspaper, including Ottaway before eight parts of the company’s results, and 15 community weekly, such as Massachusetts Hyannis the Cape Cod – times, etc. The news corporation will dow Jones’s “dow Jones place media group”, transferred the whole Fortress investment group in the United States, the transfer prices have not been made public.

Fortress group has many local newspaper assets, the GateHouse, media group, with the United States more than 400 community newspaper.

according to the report, news corp’s 2007 acquisition of dow Jones (fist assets is the Wall Street journal), have considered transfer of local assets, but the financial crisis in 2008, deals with the abortion.

dow Jones, according to the consulting company, where there is still a new company to enter the market, so the transfer, still led to a small bid.

after the old news corp has carried on the split, film and TV business into the 21st century fox, newspaper and book publishing business continue to use news corporation brand. News corp’s well-known newspapers including The Times of London, the United States, the Wall Street journal, the New York post, such as Australia, the Australian newspaper.

news corp CEO Thomson (Robert Thomson, said local newspapers in the United States, have do not conform to the new news corporation’s development strategy.

the transfer of local newspaper, news corporation has become the latest example of the us newspaper industry integration. Before the New York times company will transfer the Boston globe to the Boston red sox baseball team boss Henry, transfer price is $70 million, then, graham family and will operate more than 80 years of the Washington post, for $250 million transferred to the amazon, the head of bezos.

source: tencent technology