Users share is only 2%, Google + really is the second largest social empire?

although Google has been social platform for their integration – Google + flag-waving, but a recent survey has once again proven Google + very low market share in the social field.

Gigya company (for each big online website and integrate the social networking site, link tool providers) : in the second quarter of this year, the number of users through the Google + share, far behind Facebook (50%) and Twitter (24%) and Pinterst (16%), only the share of the total accounted for about 2%.

according to the survey, as a big brother in the field of social, Facebook is still the dominant platform for users to share. While Twitter and Pinterst as latecomers, are also chasing hard drive, and even in certain types of web site, as the primary platform for users to share. In e-commerce sites, for example, Pinterst becomes the primary users share destination (41%).

, by contrast, Google +, no matter in what type of web site users to share amount is very low. Although Google defend himself once said, as a result of the user based on the share of Google + is personal behavior, thus only by data investigation tool crawler, thus will affect the results of the analysis to some extent. Gigya’s data, however, the result is based on its vast client social tools, users each share behavior is recorded, and their statistical data is objective and accurate.


PS: Internet investigation company SearchMetric has revealed recently, Google + is expected in 2016 and become the second to the Facebook social networking platform. The agency by comparison with six consecutive months “share” in the Facebook and Google + 1 hit found that Google + 1 development speed of 19%, ahead of the share to 10% of Facebook. However, professional personage points out, “share” and “+ 1” there are significant differences in terms of user behavior purpose, thus no data of reasonable conclusion. Google + 1 is not equal to Google +, than also should compare share to Facebook and share to Google + the number of times.