Unionpay is forced to incorporate the third party payment market catastrophe

this paper hunting cloud network readers submit

“due to the well-known”, pay treasure to the day before yesterday announced the “stop all below POS business” microblogging is expected with the ma “the hard decision”, create a new popular sentence. But because the cause of the “well-known” without disturbing the final enough, various is debated.

a business wants to stop, originally quiet dry line, for fear that other people know. Pay treasure to high-profile posted on weibo, obviously is a kind of attitude or signals. This signal is always “I poor, a business do not bottom go to”. The what in the world, with big long enough, I simply point directly.

a, pay treasure to stop POS business what message? Monopoly of the net is receiving more and more tightly.

the central bank’s latest “bank CARDS to receive single management method” explicitly cancelled the charge sheet must pass unionpay regulations, allowing direct bank payment mechanism. But the central bank in order to take care of the idea of unionpay left hand, said the direct needs Banks and unionpay signed an agreement. So unionpay in recent meeting held a part payment mechanism, clear, transfer all payment must be through unionpay. Who is listening to that? Unionpay company dare to openly deny the central bank’s rules and regulations, and monopoly power of environmental degradation of third-party payment industry,.

no. 17, since last year to this year’s no. 5, to the more recent board bill, the monopoly unionpay sought by dominating the whole pay market movements in escalating, has explicitly put forward the collected all the goals of the third party payment and roadmap, to unify the whole country. Even in alipay announced yesterday to stop POS business, a discussion on the Internet, unionpay still insisted to collected all third-party payment, not with the central bank against “” collected a third party.

a monopoly is a little bit of grip the throat of the industry, the small payment companies to dare not to say, pay treasure to cut the POS business is in a strong signal, is Shouting in the net.

2 and unionpay to pay treasure to a battle over the interests? Is interest, but is in the interests of the monopoly and market.

unionpay require all payment companies must transfer through unionpay, see the is obviously one of the transfer fee. With this article, after the payment industry development amount of unionpay is run not to drop 0.1%, according to the third party payment next year is expected to 8 trillion volumes, the income is $80, is a sit. On the other hand, pay treasure to make, of course, also don’t want to the results of hard work are all be taken away.

but don’t forget to unionpay to obtain these benefits, by red tape is a paper, it is to sit here naked monopoly, to the market for profit. Other words need not say more.

three, all in the 21st century, also want to go the monopoly, to succeed?

all in the 21st century, the saliva can spray dead you, also want to through the monopoly profit? It must be. This is a lot of people at the idea of. Since be, is just some saliva battle, look lively.

kiss, don’t you think this idea is too optimistic? 100% think it be, that is to say, unionpay and all its top is big and silly force. From last year’s no. 17, to this year’s no. 5, to the more recent board bill, the monopoly unionpay sought by dominating the whole pay market movements are escalating. Until today, unionpay in publicly is still bluntly said all third-party payment must be collected. Must be done? Unionpay pile top level is in the play house? Don’t underestimate the power of unionpay, nor to their own living environment is too optimistic.

4, if unionpay incorporated all third-party payment?

unionpay compiling third-party payment for all online payment must be through the clearing, unionpay is to lay his monopoly in the field of payment of remuneration. In order to support their woo bank, unionpay in 17 # and other documents have opened the oral cheque to the bank. , analysts say to the whole industry increases the cost of at least 0.3%. Even by unionpay to receive 0.1%, increase the cost of a year is 8 billion, the third-party payment industry in China a year’s profits have? Electricity industry profits how many a year? The fire is burning down, for electricity, electricity consumers will be a disaster. Don’t think I can stay out, everyone long snacks.