UC strategy: to build based on super light application of App ecosystem

(editor: qing nan)

from around 2004 start and survived to the present Internet companies, few but UC has become extremely lucky one.

for nine years, had been UC is basically on domestic mobile Internet from early emergence to step the booming point, also became one of the larger mobile Internet companies. Today, the company’s head with the numerous halo, nokia ali has investment, team size has reached 1700 people, more than 370 technical patents, domestic market share first for several years, the world’s largest third-party mobile browsers and India market first, and so on.

however, UC survival environment in upheaval. From last year, the domestic Internet industry integration, showdown iQIYI merger PPS sogou 91 wireless acquisition, tencent, baidu, the body of the object are founded several years has a certain size “medium” company. In this regard, UC has become a “gossip” leading role for a long time, after the baidu ali talks to buy. Why these companies such as UC so “priority”? Because they have become decisive “variables” in China’s Internet industry system, joining any party or is going to change the industrial structure. Fortunately, UC eventually choose independent development, because the company has its own dream.

although UC co-founder and President of xiao-peng he thinks “medium-sized companies want to independent combat is becoming increasingly difficult, but the company eventually choose independent development, because the company has its own dream. That is hope to build open one-stop service platform of mobile Internet users, the premise is to get the UC browser into a “super App”, which would by aggregating a number of “light”, the implication means into a more open platform.

App dilemma

any open ecosystem is inseparable from the developers and users, the former hope to harvest more users, in turn, the commercial, which hopes to have better application in their place, the two complement each other.

although represented by the App Store App Store model ushered in a new era of mobile Internet, and Google, Microsoft and other widely imitated, but now the Store mode existing change, start looms. Motion analysis and advertising company Adeven tracking data show that although the number of application of the App Store is close to 900000, but two-thirds of it is worthy of the name “zombie”, go unattended to.

in the boot and capital strength, superior resources started toward the application with a clear business future together, is also highly competitive, but not in this window to find a clear business model of the application, if there is no enough investment to continue, will dim and exits. For example, in the app store rankings, these giants are often in the form of “product matrix” list of top position for a long time. This is the result of the small and medium-sized developers are forced to spend more money to get the user, also makes them originally has little hope of product commercialization road.

for users to find suits own App. Another more important on the one hand is, now the zombies on the user’s phone application more and more. In addition to the product itself can not fully meet user requirements, there is how to stimulate or awaken users secondary use problem, that is to say, how to let the user go in different scenarios.

in xiao-peng he view, represented by the App economy of China mobile Internet has entered into the stage of a high strength competition, will soon reach the first wave. Last year he expected the first wave will be over in the mid – 2014 – at the latest, from now, may be more early. Traditional App, he thought, in the field of gold window period is over, the chances of new entrants.

light application of new ecological

existing with the core of mobile app store distribution of ecological, developers also need another application to solve a considerable part of ecological system “development difficult, download, download after user utilization rate is low, the two complementary, can make the whole mobile Internet industry into a new cycle. Light and this is one of the most main purpose of the birth of application ecosystem. UC’s new strategy is the super App around the browser to make light application ecosystem, to say the “super App” is the cornerstone of light application.

today, tencent, baidu, ali and 360 have been respectively through independent build or buy finished exploration, and have their super App, and formed a clear pattern, after all, such as WeChat, 91 wireless and 360 mobile phone assistant, etc.

in xiao-peng he point of view, “super App” required large users, high use frequency, rich in content, open architecture, and a few features such as the underlying service platform. “Application” is based on the super App around mobile phone features and development, which easily exposure and the called products (including but not limited to Web App). With the baidu the proposed “light” is very similar, all don’t need to download, convenient to call.

if the users and the market share of products of the same type, UC browser is absolutely super App. According to official data provided by the global users has more than 600 million, global user traffic over 200 billion a month. Iresearch, according to the data provided in the domestic mobile App in the number of average daily coverage TOP5, UC among mobile phone QQ and micro letter, more than 360 and sina weibo.

in the “super App” mobile browser, how better to create a light application ecosystem? Actually, with independent of the browser kernel UC can make adjustments in the technical architecture, more light and two years ago, has already begun to explore the application, mainly apply page to join to the navigation, in order to convenient users fast access and use.

today, UC around the “light” to build a new ecological open mainly embodies in the center of the web application, plug-in platform, and the company itself is not charge any fee (in the future is likely to take into and pay mode).

among them, plug-in function with the desktop version of Google Chrome is very similar, because of the limitations of the apple store and applies only to the android system products.

despite the accumulated in testing for a long time and add more than 200 million times, but today’s web application center also is given priority to with the mechanism of directional invitation. Currently on the platform of UC WebApp on live 50 million + users, application number 1500 +, the end of this year is expected to more than 3000 +.

xiao-peng he said, now also is only a primary version of the online, this is mainly embodied in the application of richness, simple function, ranking mechanism is not sound, etc. However, the company has invested a large amount of human development, the next step is to build the system as a whole. According to his plan, by the end of next year will launch a more mature products, allows users or developers that UC is really be a distribution platform.

in his view, the idea is to use UC browser this super App, according to the usage scenario to the user, intelligent recommendation and distribution service for the App in the App store, exposure to have more access to the user. Not only solved the “use less” and “distribute to” the big problem, for the already have considerable users applications (such as thunderbolt, fast sowing, Camera360, etc.), light application ecosystem also will be a high potential new develop channels – application after a plug-in can provide with almost no Native App experience, with the help of a high frequency using the App further incremental.

this for developers and users, is a kind of the Gospel.