UC browser overseas users than what is secret?

of UC success in overseas markets is very curious, after all can in overseas markets have level users domestic mobile application is very rare, even started an international expansion with micro letter has yet to achieve this result. So by the UCweb new version Pad browser dongfeng, hunting a cloud network to spy on the UC browser to expand overseas markets.

UC send the fantasy of drifting

according to the UC official, UC flowing out to sea, middle encountered difficulties and setbacks, and teens Pi contrast.

UC to go to America to do market research, user speech, the United States: your website is in English, but I don’t know much about… When the Russian version of the problem is in Chinese translated into Russian becomes especially long and grow to be beyond the scope of mobile phone screen can display. How to do? Depth localization must be against the local culture, it’s not a simple translation problems. UC learned this lesson.

the second step is to see kung fu, the localization of function and experience. Different target markets, the user experience and the demand for mobile browsers difference is very big.

UC browser a useful “read later” function, good network conditions when cached pages, when bad network conditions or no network reading. This feature is India. Although the network more developed in the United States, but in some areas, especially in the state of mobile network conditions is not very good, the user should be like this? But after the market survey, UC find the user will not reward the function, why? Because the American public WiFi special developed, a leading mobile network construction, user find a place to sit down and have network. So in the moving state? User fun: walk the road, who looking down…

after many improvements and fumble, UC in the overseas markets especially the market has made remarkable achievements in developing countries. Overseas customers have been currently, mainly distributed in India, Vietnam, Indonesia. The next step will further explore the population still more markets in developing countries, namely the brics countries besides China’s three other countries: India, Russia and Brazil.

for the American market?

according to the UC the official description UC will be promoted to optimize Pad version UC browser. Based on the description of the xiao-peng he himself, in his eyes, Pad like android just as when she was born, represents the future. Similarly, UC to develop the U.S. market, and also on the Pad UC browser.

in the PC , PC retreated into office area, in the family PC gradually disappear, Pad replace in the Pad on shopping, video or game will gradually become the mainstream. UC 2011 end Pad browser, at that time only 87 users, now has developed into the 1400 all users. Hunting cloud network reporter asks these users in overseas user is how many? Xiao-peng he honest, almost no foreign users… But he immediately added: this is this year we want to do! With the Pad version of the browser into the high-end market in the United States.

why must do in the us market? Because the user habits and experience to a certain extent the leading domestic, so to speak. The user the current demand is likely to become the user’s demand in China in the future. For UC already became the office!

UC took two future: tablet rise sharply in the family gradually replace PC and the expansion of overseas market. The former 1800 users, budding; The latter has one hundred million users, still need to improve. The two meet, the heavy burden falls on the new tablet browser.

UC determination to explore overseas markets, perhaps from a detail can see that the Logo changed: from cartoon style squirrel replaced by more puzzles squirrel to science and technology:

for the sake of what? “UC the original squirrel is very cartoon, the very market in China, but international users is not very cold “…