U.S. investigators said local tyrants gold iPhone 5 s sales at least

according to the Research body CIRP (Consumer Intelligence Research Partners) to the latest report, a new wave of iPhone sales, 5 s of the local tyrants the bright yellow gold and 5 c copies of the most is not optimistic.

from the point of sales in recent months, the local tyrants gold compared with bright yellow with an advantage over other department seemed slightly not phone. The analysis results from recent consumer survey conducted by the CIRP.

CIRP survey showed on Wednesday, buy the iPhone 5 s 43% of consumers choose grey space, 30% silver. In the iPhone 5 c voting results showed that 27% of consumers chose blue, followed by white, green, pink, bottom is yellow, the choice of yellow accounted for only 7% of users.

the results of the survey also shows that different gender differences in consumer choice in colour. Most of the male consumers choose blue iPhone 5 c. At the same time female consumers mainly chose a pink iPhone 5 c. The sales of the iPhone 5 s also similar, most of the male consumers prefer grey space.

CIRP founder Mike Levin in a statement, “the iPhone 5 s, 5 c on the choice of color, in a sense, to verify some of the traditional gender preference. Interestingly, including women, no one for the iPhone 5 c yellow shown larger interest.”

new iPhone sales, the iPhone 5 s are out of stock. Is not good to determine consumer preferences and apple itself each of the production of the extent to which affected the CIRP survey results.

golden version of the iPhone 5 s (commonly known as “local tyrants gold”) the first output is not much, but also the first out of stock. And 5 c is at the beginning of the online booking trading trends come only after a few days, but the yellow unlocked 5 c sales will soon become a delayed delivery. In addition, as a research institutions in the United States, as in the main consumption groups in the United States.

5 s and 5 c both device went on sale last month, also support to booking. At open after the first apple said, weekend trading volume has reached 9 million. But in the 9 million iphones sold, the proportion of each model and color was not revealed.