Twitter will push a new independent music application

Beijing time on April 12, the science and technology information site CNET reported last month, Twitter has acquired a music discovery service We Are Hunted, the news on Thursday finally got the confirmation of the company. Another, according to people familiar with the Twitter as early as this Friday to launch a new independent music applications.

We Are Hunted on Thursday in a statement published on the website home page wrote, “as part of the Twitter team, We will continue to build can bring happiness to users of the service. Will no doubt ask, Twitter and music very well together. Musicians will Twitter as a platform of choice for them to interact with fans, people will be found in the above and share new music every day and album.”

Confirmed in

We Are Hunted by Twitter a few minutes before the acquisition, the famous American television host Ryan Seacrest (Ryan Seacrest) also revealed that the Twitter upcoming music application. The news was We Are Hunte and Twitter Music forward official account.

We Are Hunted has said, as part of the deal, the company will be permanently closed now music discovery service and user accounts. Although it didn’t disclose fully closed service specific time, but it has stopped to accept the new user registration, and provide export data to existing users of the tool.

We Are Hunted by Stephen Phillips (Stephen Phillips) and Richard tesla (Richard Slatter) was founded in Australia in 2007, Michael Doherty (Michael Doherty) is a founding partner. We Are Hunted service core function is to monitor a variety of social media, determine which musician and song is more popular.

at the same time, according to people familiar with the matter, Twitter will launch a new independent music application on Friday. But otherwise, Twitter will indeed be released at the end of the week the independent music applications, although is not necessarily on Friday.

the Twitter application will be based on a series of personalized music signals, referring users to music and songs, these signs include user attention on Twitter account. Users can through third party services such as iTunes, don’t quit Twitter can appreciate music clips, can also watch the Vevo provide music video. Vevo is common to the universal music and SONY’s music video Services.


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