Twitter will develop native official client for firefox OS

(editor: famous)

Firefox OS the recent good news constantly, in the MWC , Firefox OS shine brilliantly. Zte, alcatel, are issued with Firefox OS mobile device, at the same time, the operating system also get including China unicom, Sprint and deutsche telekom, Spain’s telefonica, Norway telecom, global 18 home mainstream mobile operators support. But the system also is facing troubles application is scarce, the lack of a large number of basic applications, including some of the mainstream social applications.

today, the good news is that New Twitter will soon launch support Firefox OS official native client, the client will be on the app store for users to download for free. The client fully functional, leaked screenshots are as follows:

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from figure shows, the Twitter Home of the four plates, Connect, Discover and Me all the have. At the same time also supports firefox OS Web Activities.

Twitter is a company truly mobile first, it comes from the mobile access users than from PC , and in the field of mobile advertising revenue more than facebook . The twitter client support for all major systems: android, IOS, Windows phone 7/7.5/8 , blackberry, and blackberry 10 , symbian S40

Firefox OS because of its open source and get wide support hardware makers and carriers known as “ android . If the board can quickly fill up, or can lay a piece of the market in the mobile space, although may not be able to challenge android dominance, but no hardware support, only concepts of Ubuntu phone system and the Sailfish swordfish system a lot better.