Twitter was born 7 anniversary: transition from information platform to the media company

Beijing time on March 24, in a social network Twitter will soon celebrate 7 anniversary of The birth of science and technology of The Next Web editor Matthew? Mr. Pan rino (Matthew Panzarino) published an article, look back on my delete accounts, original experience of Twitter in the form of new experiences and feelings.

Mr Pan Reno very positive Twitter from real-time information release platform for the practice of real-time media company, but he points out that although Twitter to promote the transformation of platform can release a series of new work, and achieved good results, but if as a media company, the company hopes to complete transformation into a user-friendly platform international, so we must use new standard to request oneself.

below is the article details:

don’t remember when to start from Twitter, but I now use the account opened in January 2009. Before this account, I will ever use Twitter, just how much energy they didn’t.

past experience

I review the process of using Twitter, the process of learning a language is a bit like baby. At first, I tweeted information mostly belong to boast, pale, machinery, now looking back at these messages make me feel the pain. Frankly, I released the first Twitter message what is for lunch.

however, let me a little peace of mind, at the beginning of the Twitter just was born, everyone is similar information, almost all is related to food or body boring content. As people more and more skilled use of Twitter, Twitter is changing. The content concise real-time news service is starting to become interesting, and let a person fondle admiringly.

there is no doubt that Twitter is becoming more and more important, it is also the service have a huge role in the form of makes it impossible to predict the first action. Now, of course, Twitter has long been beyond the first action phase, and seven years ago, even three years ago, the service has been completely different. Unfortunately, in the transition stage of Twitter, whether internal or external users in the company, there are so many opponents. Of course, for such a advocate original products, content is concise, on the road to development in question is also very normal.

now, the internal dispute the basic of platform development direction has subsided, but in the public view, what Twitter is and what it will become the future is still the focus of controversy. In recent years, as the Twitter refused to third-party platform login, and take steps to gain greater control over, and this has led to a user’s controversy, and those disputes, but ultimately failed to weaken the influence of Twitter, instead, let more people like and fell in love with the real-time message service. At present, most users will be through the Web, or iOS, Android mobile application log in Twitter, only a handful of users using a third party The landing.


although Twitter let me deal with third party client would not be satisfied, but I still appreciate it from real-time information release platform for real-time media company. I had an interview with vice President Michael Twitter product? West palin (Michael Sippey), and the new Twitter user groups, and Twitter how to obtain and retain new users.

west said: “by some of the data, we found that there are a large number of users every day, every week, every month on Twitter, but they almost never publish information. We believe that this is a very good phenomenon. Because it means the early users view on Twitter has changed, this also reflected the Twitter change results since 2006.”

he said at the time, Twitter is very concerned about the original message, if the user is rarely share on Twitter, then explain the usage errors. West said: “some people would say, I don’t know if I want to say what on Twitter, so I won’t use it.”

this interview that I decided to Twitter experience in different ways. I think that if Twitter hope into a media company, became a user-friendly “international platform”, it must use new standard to request oneself. We don’t pay attention to what is Twitter, and only with it now to evaluate their own positioning.

I decided to register a Twitter account, and try to use Twitter in the form of totally different from the past, explore their interested by the service content. Here are some of my discovery:


I’m going to Twitter’s iPhone application to register a account, even though I don’t know Twitter users of mobile terminal and the PC, but I think the number of mobile terminal should still accounts for more, after all, Twitter itself is a mobile service. Twitter is convinced that people log in the main entrance of the service for the future must be a smartphone or tablet, so it is also strongly advocated the user with a mobile application login the service.

the first step of the registration, I encountered a small problem. The main reason is that Twitter directly to the iOS system integration and service, which makes me have to delete the past data, and then to “initial” experience. Of course, after deleting data, without having to download Twitter application can start the new user registration.

but then again I met the problem name, because it’s hard for me to find a can reflect individual character, and be smart and unique user name, I even so will end the day of registration process, only to think a good user name. This is obviously the identity of the author are not consistent with me.

in the end, I decided to in the past few years his user name on other BBS slightly modified as a Twitter user name. If you often see the information, you will find now the system is more and more complex, also becomes more and more strange, many even have no longer is the person’s name or nickname. I think this is mainly due to the Twitter users increasing, people have to through such strange name to find belongs to own a small piece of field. I don’t know what the future will become, but as managers of Twitter, I think they must take the time to think about the problem.

another downside is that the longer the user name, when writing or forwarding information available – the less space. Of course, also can delete the user name directly, only keep the original information, regardless of the user name appears in the news which position. For by forwarding information, the user name just appendages, does not belong to one of the 140 words of the message content.

in addition to the met little twists and turns, when selecting a user name registered Twitter account other processes are very well, the entire application before login is also very beautiful.

function experience

in the past few years, Twitter’s team have been hoping to become the “recommended” function is more perfect, they constantly improved algorithm, to provide better home page is recommended, and eventually make mobile applications and Web services to provide a better experience.

west said: “in the use of the service after 6 years, I still think, recommend attention is a bring surprise service. It should bring people the feeling, ‘oh, of course, I should pay attention to him, I can’t believe I never noticed it before.”

Twitter through the “discovery” tags provide recommendations, but the label will be for a little modification. In desktop applications, Twitter also leave more space in the sidebar. West said: “the user needs to get new user experience by attention, so we have to think of some way to create product value for the user as soon as possible.”

after entering the Twitter, preferred pop-up option is whether the contact match with Twitter, rather like Facebook pop-up a social graph. Of course, in the main social platform of information after the end of the cold war, this kind of situation is no longer happening now. Happy, I really found some through mobile phone contacts are using Twitter friends, although two person and for this I don’t have any overlap, but at least have broken, this is a good thing.

in the following, you can choose your want to focus on the user type, such as music, fashion, entertainment, fun, etc. Overall, these are all by name or small icon is displayed, if you can’t know the name, so you can’t immediately attention. This is not used for adventure, but a process of “cognitive focus”.

frustrating is, when the first after completing the process of these concerns, it is hard to find this option again, it is discovered by a series of, scroll to the bottom of the menu and browse the category option completely submerged. I think, after the registration account, provide new attention or recommend has very good effect, but if after still can continue to provide the user with the function is more perfect.

at the time of just begin to pay close attention to, and I met a few problems, such as a small icon to load, “recommended” list is empty. Although it’s not a big problem, for the first time use Twitter users, it is really a big problem. I think that if a service initially failed to show the value, then it is a failure.

she admits, new needs improving user experience there are many places, especially in the mobile space. He said: “we must continue to work hard, let the first time using Twitter users feel convenient, please accept.” In recent years, due to some users via Twitter to send a large amount of spam, lead to Twitter reputation. West’s table, although Twitter account email set up over the past two years more and more outstanding, but there are still many need to continue to improve.

he said: “the email function is very valuable, created continuously introduce to the users to give us opportunity to Twitter, it is very important for us.” But he admits that, typically, the user’s E-mail “follow” behavior, have occurred in the user logged Twitter account, in the cases can be “found” status.

Twitter, I think should be changed its name of “recommended” focus on setting up clear, or through the improvement to make it more orderly, especially in the mobile terminal. In the text, in my opinion, these recommendations will be highlighted, is to remind the user pay attention to some one of consumption patterns. She couldn’t agree more about it, he said: “this idea is very good!”

now, there have been some concern in my Twitter account object, I read all the tweets every day through the timeline. The timeline of the slow speed of change, it makes me feel very relaxed when using Twitter, at work, every minute I average 20 to 30 a Twitter messages.

card” function

usually, I log in Twitter once or twice every day, and access to the information in your spare time. I think, Twitter allows the user to click on the links to access directly to the target site function is good, because it allows you to access more convenient. West said: “we found that Twitter card function of interactive markedly increased. In many cases, a content are often masked by other content, it may be hidden behind the link, or hiding behind a short url, if we can present the content to the user, this is a very good user experience.”

he pointed out that a Twitter message card is actually the title of “a richer experience”. Twitter also from the simple message content, development to guide the user to explore the title of the media content, this is the result of Twitter gradually evolved.

west said: “in the past few years, the biggest challenge we face is that, for those who will Twitter as an information source, interested in things or keep in touch with the world’s users, what we should do to improve to make Twitter provides better experience for them. We the goal there is much work to do.”

I agree with west’s opinions. Although Twitter is a mobile application performance is good, but the main function of the timeline is still like a transitional product, it is just between the tweets of the old world and new world between media CARDS. I don’t know Twitter where is the next step is to make improvement, but I have a preliminary idea of their own. It is worth noting that the “discovery” labels on the Twitter has expanded can be realized in the device or Web side preview function, which may find Twitter of the development of the next clue.

I’m giving Twitter mobile applications with the value of a “good” did balk. Compared with before, they do better, faster, and more accord with the “media company” goals established by the Twitter. Besides heading Bug and timeline is still need to improve, iPhone Twitter application response very quickly, is also very convenient operation, and on the Web, Twitter content to load more quickly and reliable, “card” media ChengLie way also performed well.

in the past when using Twitter, because do not support the card, even able to connect to external media sites still gives a person the sense of rough, but after the Twitter launched “CARDS” function, this feeling has disappeared. Twitter, I believe, “card” is the most powerful, the most obvious function, the idea is very good.

“discovered” tag

Twitter founded aim is to help people make good use of their own social networks, to help users find people they know, want to pay attention to. West said: “if you want to on Twitter to get the best user experience, not only to focus on their own friends, must also be balanced with the focus on object. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull