Twitter test double security authentication mechanism to protect the user account

it is reported that the Twitter are testing dual authentication on the social networking site, according to the Wired reports, the company is currently in the internal test, then gradually pushed to all user accounts. The program schedule temporarily haven’t, but if this is true, you can solve in recent months we have seen the accounts were black.

given around hacking around these problems and foreign electronic unit, therefore increase the security question is required. It requires an additional code, to the code are also different in the different users. How it works and daily log in Twitter , but the service will be via email message send a message to the user, the user must enter received letters or code can continue to access their accounts.

on Tuesday by the Associated Press Twitter account is black, issued false news was injured in the explosion of the White House, Obama so Twitter this system is necessary. There are other similar things happen, such as 60 minutes , a subsidiary of CBS, Jeep , burger king, etc., these lists every week will have increased. Twitter spokesman said no reply.

if the news is reliable, Twitter will cooperate with some technology company, in order to add a two-factor authentication, these companies may include the company , Cloudflare or any other company. Google has previously used a similar security mechanisms to strengthen the protection of user accounts, but has the dual authentication, does not mean that the account had absolutely safe, just make it harder for the criminals to land another account.

Twitter many celebrities, has now become the digital world and the importance of media communication channels, how to protect the account is very important, such as ap is black publishing false information, there are a lot of people believe that, even spread to the entire network, and not immediately rumours.

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and Twitter official impossible to monitor all accounts, at least for now this is not realistic. So this means that if the account be dark by the Twitter to respond before may be using several hours of availability. However, we believe that the company’s security technical team has had enough of these problems, if can use dual authentication, all these problems will be improved.