Twitter released Android tablet optimization applications, but only for samsung devices

. Twitter launched yesterday for the optimization of Android applications. This version of the application almost meet the needs of all the Android users expect. Want to enjoy these features, however, there is a prerequisite for – your tablet must be samsung products (currently only Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 version can use).

for flat screen size, optimized user interface. New Android tablet Twitter interface is divided into two parts, in order to better use of space;

support application window to zoom in. Cooperate with samsung’s window and the characteristics of task switching, Twitter allows the user to the application window to zoom in, for other applications of operation;

, you can use the S – Pen graffiti images in Twitter, and share to the Twitter directly;

, a small plug-in can let the user directly by clicking on the screen key interactions with Twitter.

why just samsung? The reason is very simple, this is the Android fragmentation and a negative effect. For developers, the complicated Android ecosystem, they can’t adapt to each different Android tablet. Choose one of the most powerful in the Android camp is a “smart”. This is why many developers will be more inclined to choose at first because of the iOS platform.

this is not a samsung product first to enjoy the “special treatment”. Last year, a unique finally launched the Android applications. In the first few weeks, however, only the Galaxy S3 users can enjoy.

analysts believe that the above phenomenon in a certain degree that samsung’s leadership between the Android device manufacturers. In the short term, samsung devices may also to obtain more exclusive optimized version of the application.