Twitter redesign dialogue interface upgrade report function

according to foreign media coverage of science and technology, Twitter launched two major update on today.

a, clearer dialogue interface

in order to solve the chaotic state after the user dialogue, Twitter today launched a new dialogue interface. Tweets published below user dialogue, will be arranged in a blue line. Get the “sofa” users, will be ranked in the top of the blue line. If the tweets below user dialogue more than two, then it will be hidden, and blue dashed lines. The user by clicking on the dotted line, can ZhanKan other reply information. In addition, users can also see all the people who you Follow, rather than as before, are arranged in the list of @ the replies.

video introduction:

2, ensure that the user’s rights to report button

not long ago, a British lady, because on Twitter call for currency should appear more women face, was part of the net friend’s siege. Most Twitter users are very sympathy for the innocent woman, and on the website, launched a plan to petition. They hope to Twitter to launch a report similar to the function of the button, so that language can prevent malicious attacks. Unexpectedly, this behavior is supported by nearly 70000 Internet users.

Twitter is due to report function, can pass “report spam” report to advertising or harass account. The Twitter will hold function upgrade, can now be held on the Tweets of the specific report

, a Twitter spokesman said: “we’ve been working on a total of a free and safe for the user communication platform. Add the report function, can be in a certain extent, to prevent the occurrence of bad words and deeds “.

at present the two new services have been able to get more from Apple App Store and Google Play, download the use.