Tsundere Windows8.1: the broad masses of users, we see you in October!

Microsoft is now on a Windows8.1 the latest beta test, this version Windows 8.1 is expected to become the final release, but the message says, Microsoft is expected to October will be issued this doing formal upgrade.

according to reliable sources, Microsoft will be finalised Win8.1 , Win8.1 or likely to put into production. But to upgrade the kiss, can only wait 10 on sale.

Microsoft partners and PC manufacturer will obtain the final beta in late this month. And all the vendors in October Win8.1 upgrade before launch, will be on the basis of their own product configuration for Win8.1 ADAPTS with the test.

according to relevant information, Win8.1 updated version will be in 10 month together with the new hardware, including 7 to 8 inches tablet. Win8.1 , and The Verge also confirm with relevant personage, Win8.1 on sale in October before will set aside sufficient time, based on the RTM version optimized to update, in order to 10 in listed in more danger.

Win8.1 update includes a series of multitasking process improvements, increased the number of application background, the panel size is more flexible, also has a built-in Bing search engine. Recently, has been on the Internet, we can see the Preview preview version and eventually manufacturers get RTM the difference between. Microsoft is trying to increase the number of ‘trial and adopt Windows Phone directory to ease user interface for W in8 series ridicule of the operating system. In the context of the current news, Win8.1 upgrade will be doing the secular and see the anniversary.

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