True digital generation: the eight children under the age of seven using mobile devices

according to the latest report, nearly 40% of children before they can smooth talk already contact tablet or smartphone. Protection of the rights and interests of family organization, Common Sense Media, a Media (Common Sense), the survey found 38% of children under the age of two use mobile devices to play games, watch video, or other Media. In 2011, the data only up to 10%. Investigation also shows that children under the age of 8, 72% use smart phone, tablet, or similar devices.

Common Sense Media, founder and CEO Jim Steyer said in an interview with Mashable “this is really grown up digital generation.”

according to the survey, the rapid growth of the use of mobile devices, in children compared with other media to see even more so. Television, 2011, 2013, two years, number of children watching TV is around 66%, the data is stable. Nearly two years of computer utilization rate increased from 4% to 10%. Meanwhile the use of DVD, are the utilization rate of decline – from 52% in 2011 to 2013, 46 usage.

the rising data is not only the children’s electronic products usage, use is also present a growth trend for two years, the data has increased by three times. In 2013 children aged 0 to 8 hours for mobile devices for 15 minutes a day on average, in 2011, the length is only 5 minutes a day on average.

Steyer said: “our major changes in witness children consumer electronic media. Have also won’t even speak of children go to the front of the television to sliding – as the screen, the operation of the iPhone. “

in Steryer view, children growing over the use of mobile devices have good and bad. Proper guidance, tablet is also very good education tools, but excessive use of such electronic products, or even directly to the tablet as virtual nanny will bring incalculable harm to children’s growth.

the American academy of pediatrics recommended for children under the age of two, parents should not be allowed to staring at the screen, mobile products. Partial conservative but Steyer says the proposal. He believes that in the case of moderate control, use tablet and smartphone is feasible. When time, content, for parents to know, these devices will be able to play a better educational role.

he said that we need to put the child’s “screen time” into learning time. The proper use of the education of science and technology. Steyer also stressed at the same time, as the child growing mobile device usage, related companies, enterprises should strive to construct atmosphere both moral and value of science and technology, equipment and software applications shall not inviting addictive, should have certain educational, and respect for personal privacy.

“carried out anyway, electronic products can also be seen as further popularization of electronic products, it is an important step for the development of science and technology. And at the same time in the development of science and technology will inevitably cause profound influence to the people, children and family is inevitable.” Steyer says, “we should wisely use these things.”