Trend of mobile Internet, you must go and curse

went to the global mobile Internet conference, popular, met a lot of random acquaintances. This past year, the two variables of the mobile Internet, an android power, is a WeChat rise. The dry goods or more, the scene, some of the ideas are also not don’t know the trend of mobile Internet and curse:

1, lei jun: android is the mobile Internet

these years down android has become the most mainstream operating system on the market, I believe that the future of the market share will be more and more big. In China the android mobile phone almost account for about 90% of the market sales, 60% in the whole world, I believe it will be more and more in the world. But they complain to android’s experience of sound is heard, no matter what the android mobile phone companies are facing great pressure. Let’s take a look at what they are complaining about, one of the biggest complaints is the android mobile phone power, you see I have bought a new mobile phone to use for a month, the mobile phone for half a day the power went out. Nuclear heart problems actually not on the phone, the core problem in third-party applications.

2, ma: frankly surprised out in a cold sweat also

tencent has also hold a lot of things, including the early years of e-commerce, search. Tencent is the earliest and best business instant messaging and online community, therefore to the mobile Internet, for the most sensitive. To be honest with you also surprised out in a cold sweat. No matter you how strong in front of the great wave of mobile Internet, slight negligence, a month may capsize. Don’t watch a lot of companies are like the big, strong, in fact, is likely to be vulnerable, to want to report the industry evolution by heart of fear, afraid to do every thing, do the service well. This is the outside world to tencent of tickets, I think, or worried, because only a platform ticket. Can you take to finish? I don’t know. Is a person go up, or a team up? I don’t know. There are a lot of people crowded up, is live in harmony, or the last fight? Don’t know.

3, ming-yuan li: APP promotion spell

as a company we pushed a lot of the APP is not realizable, also don’t continue to push in 2013? At the beginning of the 21st century explosion took place in the entire Internet website, Chinese Internet website soon grow to more than 200. Now application have also been explosive growth, to the end of April, there have been 1 million Chinese android applications. APP this explosive growth has brought some questions, first I think it is the cost of the promotion is rapidly rising, whether CPA or CPD, most of the distribution is the APP store APP store distribution, the cost is rising.

for us a lot of the application of low-frequency retained and active degrees is very low. The age of the Internet to do a good product innovation, must be universal, high-frequency products, such products do innovation user can perceive, if not universal, high-frequency products you do innovation, in fact, users do not perceive.

4, the company CEO Phil Libin: we are not as long as users don’t want to do

our business model is very simple, very clear, our products have to be very good, the world’s 1 billion people should love him, of course, some people are willing to pay to use, this is a very simple business model, and can enjoy our products through our user experience, he is willing to pay, we can have revenue. We are opposed to all the other business model, we don’t make advertising push, also is not a big push data, we don’t make the data mining, don’t make the analysis of data, other all don’t, we are not as long as users don’t want to do. Because we want to make sure that what we do is user want, completely to do is to experience, and experience it is very difficult do, so don’t want distractions, to ensure that what we do is what customers want, this is our only business model.

5, Fu Cheng: product, also should have the emotional

the emotional marketing, I think from several aspects, first, really close to the user’s requirements. Before you know what security software do? Do is technology public relations, propaganda is how many defense points before, how many virus software, how many powerful active defense. But found that when the Internet is more and more life, more and more is not the time for engineer plaything, this kind of technical communication users increasingly didn’t understand.

second, arouse the user’s emotional resonance. You probably know that last year we had a case called cheetah rob tickets, demand from ordinary people in China travel home to buy train ticket. We made a helper is rob tickets. Do rob ticket assistant is not enough light, because have similar shape, then made a example of this is we made a video, is called a letter from a woman. Everyone on this video like it very much.

third, should also be thoughtful and considerate. With their own emotional fit for some demands for the users.

6, weibo: into the era of Page

weibo commercial products division general manager freeze: on weibo, the Page is the socialization of information aggregation node, to connect people, things and interests, twitter users with Page encapsulation of ‘content’ attention, and other social relations. Lies in the relationship between sediment content and the purpose of the launch Page Page, so that the microblog become more valuable. Add Page after Page, weibo weak social network began to gradually transformed into real social network. Restaurant food, for example, Internet users on the Page, the Page can look at the map first, surrounding roads, recommended dishes and preferential activities such as enterprise information in detail, can pass the contact telephone reservation booking directly. On the basis of integrating weibo data, in the face of consumer microblog comments on the Page Page, users can through “the geothermal meeting” with “a review of the” two module to view real-time word-of-mouth to related hotel, restaurant, and through the heat map module to see the actual effect of food.

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