Tour concept hand continue to crazy! Phoenix media 310 million yuan purchase desire and the network

tour concept is still crazy hand more than domestic a-share chase. Domestic publishing industry giant phoenix media last night announced that the company will be the price of 310 million yuan, increased 10.5 times the premium in tour development co., Shanghai for hand and network technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as mu) and network, in order to obtain its 64% stake. According to this calculation, longed for and network value 485 million yuan.

in view of the transactions, the phoenix media’s explanation is that the company to enter the game field, realizing the important measure of digital development strategy, is conducive to further expand the digital business.

the data shows, mu and the network was established in March 2011, the registered capital of 2 million yuan, is a company based on the mobile game industry, its main business content for the software product and platform services, etc. Financial data show that in 2012, the company’s business income is 68.226 million yuan, net income of 6.9506 million yuan; January to may realize the business income is 69.326 million yuan, net profit of 23.0076 million yuan. It is reported, longed for existing products and network list plunged into the world, which this year launched the fantasy magic card water up to 15 million yuan per month, once grabbed the location of the best-selling total list 2.

phoenix media announcement, according to a wholly owned subsidiary of subordinate phoenix phoenix media digital media capital of RMB 320 million, then by the order of the phoenix digital media as the main body subscribed for 310.4 million yuan and the network of the new registered capital of 3.5556 million yuan, in order to gain a 64% stake, and become the controlling shareholder. After completion of the capital increase of transaction, longed for, and network CEO wu stake will be diluted to 36%.

for the acquisition, longed for and Internet has also made the performance commitment to shareholders, commitment to the company’s net profit in 2014 and 2014 will not less than 52.91 million yuan and 63.49 million yuan respectively. If performance targets, desire and the network of existing shareholders 嵥 and weeks the IQ will be in cash compensation gap corresponding to the company.

since this year, the traditional enterprise in tour concept keeps increasing, the hand also intensified their hands of the integration of tourism industry. Borui spread in January of this year to controlling shareholders increase not more than 120 million shares, to raise about 1 billion acquired 70% Beijing roaming in the valley. Datang telecom 1.699 billion yuan to buy to play entertainment, premium over 14 times. In July, huayi with 670 million yuan to buy a 50.88% stake in science and technology of merit.