Touch technology D round new horizon brought $50 million

the author: LouChi

on October 19th, touch technology announced today in D round with $50 million in financing, valuation is unknown. It is understood that this round of funding by China private equity fund New Horizon Capital, New Horizon Capital) led, the aurora borealis, Disney, vc, sequoia vc and GGV Capital (such as GGV) to vote.

it is important to note that touch technology financing from April 2013 C round just for half a year. It is reported, touch technology has also received the aurora borealis, Disney, vc, sequoia vc and GGV capital (GGV) risk investment total $32 million. Since founded in 2010, a total of $83 million.

according to touch technology, so far, 63 million active users touch technology month, 11 million active users, including mainland users accounted for 90%, mainly composed of fishing talent players.

but in addition to the game, by the touch technology investment and support the Cocos2D – X 2 d game engine is one of the domestic high use mobile game engine, has nearly 400000 developers to use around the world. In addition, touch technology is the Disney, NEXON, Gameloft, ubisoft, KONAMI, Gamevil game makers such as partner and agent distributors.

source: tencent technology