Top vc Greylock Partners will raise $1 billion

as the world’s top venture capital firm, gray Locke partnership (Greylock Partners) has successfully invested in Facebook, LinkedIn, Pandora and famous Internet companies such as Workday. Recently, according to bloomberg Brad Stone and Ari Levi, gray Locke partnership venture capital firms will be round to raise as much as $1 billion.

according to the bloomberg businessweek reported that this round of fundraising is gleick founded the 14th round of fundraising for 48 years. In addition, the report pointed out that the company’s internal four sources have said that although this round of fundraising amount is huge, but they have “no pressure”.

David Swensen (David Swensen) is the chief information officer at Yale, as well as gleick the limited partners of the company, he said: “over the years, gleick company has maintained the keen eye. , however, its investment in the company after the listing of dismal performance, and the collapse of the Digg companies gleick has a certain degree of blow “.

the gleick, this round of financing will be the risk investment company one of the largest ever “raise” (here refers to raise) for VC for his company. Previously, only IVP (institutions, investment companies invested Business Insider and Snapchat), kleiner perkins caufield & byers (kleiner perkins) and Khosla Ventures (Khosla Ventures) have been in the same order of magnitude of fundraising.

gleick risk investment company by the former LinkedIn executives David shi (David Sze) and Reid Hoffman (Reid Hoffman) co-founder.