To copy the posterior micro letter? Three carriers attempt enclosure mobile games

the author: SuYi Lin Fenglei

domestic mobile game market of “money” finally draws the “eye”, China mobile, the first announced a joint unicom and telecom into mobile games.

in the afternoon on April 22, China mobile developer community’s announcement, said: “China mobile Internet base to love the game of China telecom and China unicom broadband online co., LTD., will be on May 17, 2013 is released fusion billing SDK”, and said “fusion billing SDK will fully support money, three carriers to realize a development, universal coverage; A little access, jointly issued “.

announcement immediately led to third-party developers, domestic media and industry attention. Billing SDK for developers, “fusion” what help? Can impact the domestic existing third party game app store? What three carriers intent? The author has discussed the above problems.

direct positive “prop charge” class mobile game

at present, the domestic mobile game market is mainly divided into third markets and manufacturers pre-installed, channel operators, and QQ/WeChat platform. For most developers, access to the operator platform process, lead the slowest, longest and biggest complaints by developer.

a third-party manufacturers to develop the author said, domestic large and medium-sized game development companies and operators cooperation progress faster, like a stand-alone game about one and half months access China mobile gaming platform, large online audit need 3 months to half a year; China telecom need time shorter, but earnings generally; China unicom as reviewers least, waiting for the longest time.

Billing SDK

for operators to launch “fusion”, the developer said: that is a good thing for game developers, but “not much help for large developers, for small developers may save 40% audit time”.

stir CEO Chen Xiangyu told the author, using a SDK can be unified access three carriers pay, is a positive for developers. But the process remains to be verified, the three operators also need to deal with concentrated interface of each payment.

heat and cool the company relevant personnel expressed, “have just received a notice yesterday, also need to see the details and specific execution”, but in general, the fusion billing SDK to rely on the Internet online, ARPU in 100 yuan or more “heavy” the impact is not big, but will directly benefit depend on micropayments props games.

operator platform users accounted for nearly 3 into

for most developers, third-party app store cooperation threshold is low, the user downloads. But because of lack of regulation, the application and the serious problem of piracy and malicious suck cost problems.

the operators platform and charging the advantage of the user, network support, high active and pay rate. But users ARPU is relatively low, the developer understanding operator ability is insufficient, widespread psychological “difficult to deal with” cooperation.

in the author multiple phone cords, developers often mentioned “WeChat gaming platform”. Although tencent company has repeatedly said “no schedule”, but by the tencent’s chief operating officer in command personally Ren Yuxin ask games business obviously let developers “love-hate relationship”. WeChat platform advantage lies in the user size, running support pattern of the mobile phone games mature than operators, but the biggest problem is that developers “shanzhai” for tencent can force and history is worried.

so far, domestic Android mobile game users and nearly half are from the third party market makers pre-installed, but in the first quarter of this year accounted for from operator platform are rapidly improving. According to touch the data provided by the technical aspect, the carrier platform users share close to 30%. And China mobile aspect, according to data from the fish’s 2 carriers breakthrough platform monthly income must, about a third of the games monthly income.

three carriers infighting: “money” or a “dream”

China mobile first announcement on April 22, afternoon billing SDK “fusion” news, but China unicom and China telecom related personnel expressed objection, and responded unruly “China mobile”.

insiders revealed that China telecom, actually this thing “is put forward first by touch technology, three big operators at the same time. Announced in early may with the original plan, but China mobile accident issued a message in advance, to the outside world the impression that it has become a leader of the project “.

it seems that three carriers in billing SDK “fusion” disagreement. China mobile as the platform into has obvious advantages, application and the number of users, and billing purpose fusion project, but apparently not on China telecom and China unicom.

however, billing SDK “fusion” is also considered operators face “pipelining” was forced to take the “bulk”, and mobile gaming platform also become operators with tencent and other Internet companies new “battlefield”.

for operators, WeChat OTT application has become a real threat. According to the ministry, according to the latest figures 1 – mobile users in China in March this year the local duration fell 5.5% year on year, mobile long duration fell by 5.6%, the household monthly point-to-point messaging volume fell 11.2% year on year. At the same time, China’s mobile Internet access in 100 for the first time 100 worth flow M, 117.4 M, up 30.4% from a year earlier.

the industry believes that in the long run operators “pipelining” has become a necessity. Such as domestic three carriers launched Internet base project are mostly “marginalized”, the operator Verizon announced last year has abandoned its app store. And mobile game can be divided into the game, and traffic charge at the same time has become a domestic three carriers of “gold mine”. Some operations such as China mobile said: “if each user ARPU increase 10 yuan per month, for 1.1 billion mobile phone users, it will be a very big game industry”.

however, billing SDK “fusion” is just a common pricing model, compared to pay treasure, no too many advantages, and increasingly being WeChat platform, the Internet companies such as millet game center competition. Is not unity of three carriers can eventually “break in”? The author does not look good.

source: sohu it