Through the search pattern

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recently for a period of time, the search market is very lively, rich baidu, sogou blasting data, 360 is a string of gossip, but the pattern of the search market is it? Perhaps from the recently released a series of data can glimpse.
PC growth is slowing, baidu, 360 eating into the market further.
Speed way, according to data from the first half of 2013 China search engine market reached 9.31 billion yuan, annual growth of 17.1%, compared with 30% for 11 years before all growth, slowing significantly. And slow growth further exacerbated the market total, 360, sogou baidu search engine for existing market competition.
From the point of market share, Hitwise’s latest in June, according to data from the search baidu and 360 eating into the market further, accounted for 73.5% and 15.5% respectively, the two accounted for nearly ninety percent of the market, sogou, Google and other search engine market share further compression.
360 and the data may be alert, although figures released in the second quarter of sogou is very good-looking, but growth in 360 is a large proportion of market share from the sogou and Google, rather than baidu. After the 360 merger and sogou, market share may exist in the risk of shrinkage.
Baidu after 12 share decline at the beginning of the end of the year, 13, gradually recovered to share price also will remain high, have formed the huge advantage in the short term is still difficult to shake.
For Google, search and other search engines, at present is to be able to eke out in all the market share of 4%. The pattern of the whole industry is developing towards the 7-2-1, the future is likely to be stable.
Brands and channels of intensified
Baidu and 360 showed growth trend in the first half of the share of the search, but the former is more dependent on brand advantage, while the latter depends on the amount of channels. 360 although the growth momentum is good, but there are risks of hit the ceiling. 82% of search traffic from its own browser page and navigation, has its own search source brand accounted for only 18%. It is important to note that the speed way in June, according to data from the 360 browser market share of 25.4%, with 360 channels constantly guide potential of digging, its search engine market share of marginal cost of growth is improving. If 360 really intends to compete for baidu search engine marketing, branding is the top priority.
The same problem also appear in the sogou, actually sogou browser Q2 utilization rate from 7.8% to 7.8%, its search engine market share also will decline. Although wang mentioned again and again, but the disadvantages of three-stage rocket mode is highlighted, because of its product chain layout structure, when one ring products share decline, is likely to make the whole product line on all products are a problem. What’s more, in the process of product line of guide, the flow itself is attenuation of step by step, perhaps this is also test the waters before sogou input method directly to search and combined with the browser to explore the cause of the engine, how to reduce the intermediate links, reduce flow attenuation in the process of import, will be 360, sogou and more dependent on the channel should be considered by search engines.
The mobile end their
In mobile search business, giant incoming late, also gives easy check, appropriate search company specializing in mobile search. But from a market point of view, how baidu still account for 35.8% of the market share of PC frustrated, wireless satisfiedly search occupies 14.4% market share, behind is easy to find, appropriate search, sogou and Google.
Compared to the PC and stable market pattern, market share is relatively decentralized mobile search market in the future are likely to face a big reshuffle. Especially as baidu, 360, sogou three successively into mobile browser market. From the second quarter android browser market downloads, UC7110 thousands of downloads, is ahead and QQ, 360, baidu browser in two to four, respectively. In addition to the UC default search for baidu, other each have their own search engines, such as easy to find, appropriate search search engine brand advantage is not obvious, the promotion of ability is weak, is likely to face out of danger.
Perhaps compared to PC oligarchs, mobile search industry reshuffle wars can bring about a more bloody.
And from the perspective of the pattern of the whole industry, baidu still occupied, while 360 although the difference is more, but it is worthy of a second, and the other search engine brand is likely to gradually marginalized. Regardless of the 360 acquisition of sogou industry pattern in the absence of a revolutionary technology and business mode, it is difficult to happen big changes.