Three carriers attempt do pay telecom “temporary” don’t play?

recently, three carriers together means war create the power of the Internet news is. Industry is generally believed that Internet business from represented by tencent offensive has gradually makes the operator more and pipelining, boycott, operators had to give up together for warmth.

in the afternoon on April 22, China mobile developer community’s announcement, said: “China mobile Internet base to love the game of China telecom and China unicom broadband online co., LTD., will be on May 17, 2013 is released fusion billing SDK”, and said “fusion billing SDK will fully support money, three carriers to realize a development, universal coverage; A little access, jointly issued “.

this message a seasonal industry was “excited”, after all, if it really can do, will be the first time the operators in the field of emerging Internet business and three to one.

but, according to sohu IT occur during the disunity. China unicom and China telecom related people disagreeing to mobile released ahead of the news, and responded unruly “China mobile”. This morning, in the mobile phone game base, unicom watford in stores in Beijing games combined billing scheme, unified form operators pay league. Sohu IT from the invitation, no China telecom LOGO and name.

no telecom LOGO and name on the media invitation

apparently, missed the conference means three carriers China telecom did not reach a final agreement on cooperation.

, according to the analysts to hunt cloud network telecom decided to “temporary” doesn’t play behind even operators have not given up; the inherent intriguing.