Three Asian App developers worth learning peers in the west!

App Asian markets saw rapid growth in recent years, and some successful experience for the development of the App can also be used for reference, mainly reflected in the platform construction, the use of a variety of marketing way and the diversity of the game content. The following for the article summary:

last year, according to a survey by the pew research center, 87% of American adults (239 million) have at least a mobile phone, 45% of them are using a smartphone. The rise of mobile devices, however, are not confined to the United States, and also in Asia. In Japan, more than 25% of people own a smartphone, South Korea has more than 30 million people use smart phone. Forrester forecasts, the smartphone market will grow by 20% in the asia-pacific region in 2013, and North America rose only 10%.

for App developers in Asia, they are in a unique way in the mobile space, some successful experience is worth to be learned by western App developers.

1) platform in platform

Korean instant messaging software Kakao Talk has now won the huge market in South Korea local infiltration (according to the report, the software in South Korea more than 90% market penetration, with its 27 million – day average user), has now become a gathering of independent third-party application software platform, game developers can discover Kakao users and by its social graph form. Similar software and Japan Line instant messaging software, the software through the open platform to developers, has accumulated 100 million users.

in the near future, the market appeared a few new mobile operating system, but they want to pose a threat to the android and iOS system in the short term is impossible. A likely scenario is that from child platform are derived from the popular application software or software development kit. The success of the child platform for developers has important significance. In Line and Kakao, for example, the former in 1 year or so to get 50 million users, while the latter game platform in November 2012 alone won $35.2 million in revenue from 23 million users and 82 million downloads.

2) the marketing mix of health

in Japan, there was another mobile advertising trends – mobile developers in the traditional media advertising. In fact, in Japan’s top two television advertisers are mobile games company. Television advertising Recently in Japan Puzzle & amp; The rise of Dragons game plays an important role. In addition, everywhere in Tokyo, Japan is a giant billboard of propaganda popular mobile game.

this kind of phenomenon is very rare in the United States. Mobile advertising does have its advantages, such as reporting to assess results, real-time and interaction, etc. However, in other marketing channels will not discount the value of advertising Buckle. Advertising is one of the most important principle is to transfer information in accurate location to your consumers. Japanese companies have realized that, they can use mobile advertising outside of television marketing channels to reach consumers effectively.

3) diversification of game content

survival of mobile gaming application software based on the expansion of the number of users. Asia application software developers by creating a more comprehensive content to gain a broader market. Such applications, such as Kakao them by providing users with “technique” and “leisure entertaining” game content not only capture the senior players, but also make old old man its users. Puzzle & amp; The situation of the Dragons also belong to this

source: sohu IT