This time, lei jun after Mr. CAI

conference yesterday, millet technology founder lei jun function is specially introduced the millet 3 skin care. Millet 3 cameras can recognize age and gender, and according to the different age and sex, matching of different skin care plan.

most remarkably, millet 3 has many functions, lei jun specially stressed skin care function in fact proved that, the camera is function is indeed a very good user demands. Stressed skin care, please snappers, millet 3 want to hang on to such people’s heart.

inadvertently lei jun and Mr. CAI crash, they were packed into the same river.

in May this year the picture shows chairman Mr. CAI released mobile MeituKiss platform. MeituKiss main function was none other than himself.

MeituKiss claim with the sole designed for Asian girl’s research and development of intelligent technology, automatic can instantly whiten skin, fade out black rim of the eye, bright eyes bright eye, jade-like stone embellish the lips and delicate features, will magically each since the pictures become more perfect. And MeituKiss designed with 800 w front-facing camera, to take effect provides a strong hardware support, compared with the ordinary hairdressing software, MeituKiss has incomparable stunning beauty effect, make take more extreme.

well, may MeituKiss indeed pretty grab limelight, Mr. CAI is also planning to launch for mobile star island, ten thousand yuan, is confident. Mr. CAI versa saw the Brave New World brought by the combination of hard and soft. Mr. CAI is for mobile Internet in the future “software and hardware + cloud” judgment is right, so, Mr. CAI to bet on MeituKiss, headed the chairman himself.

a few months, millet 3 is coming! Lei jun with his beauty camera out of here!

millet three configuration 13 million pixels SONY stack type main camera and a 2 million pixels front-facing camera, along with LED flash, of which 13 million pixel lens have F2.2 large aperture and 28 mm super wide Angle, support 1080 p hd video filming. Millet age 3 can automatic identification was made, and support the smart skin care function, can according to user’s age and gender, targeted to match different skin care plan.

Than you know! It is only a competition of the camera is, in other hardware system, millet 3 is the critical MeituKiss.

more glasses, immediately listed millet 3 price is 1999 RMB, and MeituKis official price as high as 2199 yuan (MeituKis, you are bullying users do not know the price?) .

this, lei jun after Mr. CAI, I’m afraid that it’s a Mr. CAI, the function is why millet 3 will have skin care… Mr. CAI to worry about MeituKis sales!

ray booth, facial features is expected to be a smartphone with!

actually, lei jun is very close relationship with Mr. CAI, the entrepreneur has published review of Mr. CAI lei jun, xiao yun snippets:

Mr. CAI has several obvious features:

1. The founder of the early Internet company is mostly elite, but Mr. CAI from the grassroots, he himself is also facing the grassroots users understand the deepest one in the Internet.

2. Learning ability is very strong. Mr. CAI understand problems very thoroughly, to each question will do a lot of research analysis, his research direction may not be very big, but in the direction he is absolute expert.

3. Mr. CAI is very good at making friends, and after he came to Beijing, large and small Internet company boss has contact. The Internet is a mesh structure, all for one, one for all, who is good at making friends means who will have more cooperation opportunities. This to Mr. CAI is very obvious, it is also a lot of entrepreneurs is ignored.

4. Many webmasters to earn some money is easy to satisfy, but Mr. CAI is very enjoy the process of doing things, like even very inflexible in doing things, it is difficult to? Have to.

China start from the grassroots webmaster, truly successful is Mr. CAI, xing-ping li, com etc. A few people. There was no Internet in the listed company, a real completely from the grassroots to do, this is Mr. CAI them to the next thing we need to overcome. 4399 gaming platform, he now do I look good, I think he may be completely IPO for greater success.