This can is opposite 】 【 baidu map precision has been questioned again: can drift over ten kilometers

hunting cloud network message on March 18,

to baidu map precision, developers had to hunt cloud network reported, according to baidu map data precision exist serious problem, and the gap between reality geographic coordinates, as many as ten kilometers.

baidu map

“a service class of the APP, the customer will have their offline service point for display on the mobile end users can find them through the service point directly. But will they need to locate the latitude and longitude directly input baidu map, almost all the coordinates have no the phenomenon of positioning, more than offset more than 10 kilometers.” The developer said.

“I found online search on the Internet this problem, I have a lot of people have a similar experience.”

otherwise the personage inside course of study says, baidu map precision problem there is already a long time. “Last year in June, a developer communication activities, baidu’s elder brothers say they are human flesh for developers to solve the problem. Now the past nine months, “

“the map is more bugs in the android 4.1 will collapse under the program have a lapse in judgment” otherwise industry sources said.