This APP can help you after you one hundred tweeting

author: happy

do you want to get eternal life on the microblogging site Twitter? Now, there are a called LivesOn application that it can continue to help you on Twitter after your death.

according to the telegraph, the ancients has been eager to three things: 1. Live forever. 2. From the perspective of others. 3. There is another oneself, help with daily chores, the real you, continue to pursue a better life.

fortunately, we now have an app can help achieve the above three wish. Unfortunately, it is now the effect is not very ideal.

this is called LivesOn applications, hit the slogan is “in your heart stop beating, you will remain on Twitter.” When launched earlier this year, this app has attracted widespread media attention. Its basic thought is that imitate your style in a news release, and then after the death of you, to continue Posting to help you.

this app by creative agency Lean Mean Fighting Machine design and development of queen Mary, university of London, this week launched a beta, and plans to launch next month.

but the problem is that this app is not yet perfect, it imitates you publish posts a little naught. If this is the heritage after the death of the author, I may have no pride. I would rather by undead to eternal life, rather than through Twitter message to gain eternal life.

with the passage of time, the algorithm will change significantly better; If you highlight the style like you post, it also helps to improve the app. May wait until the permanent exit the Twitter platform, it will be more persuasive.