The world’s most popular mobile phone application list WeChat ranked fifth

do you know what is the world’s most popular mobile phone application?

recently, the Internet market research institutions GlobalWebIndex nearly 1 billion (969.49 million) for worldwide smartphone users launched a about “the most useful mobile application”. Through the data statistics, the agency announced one of the most active ten app.

top: Google Maps (Google Maps)

it is understood that Google maps in a ratio of 54%, as the application of smart phone users the most commonly used. Nokia Maps (Nokia ‘s Ovi Maps) with a 9% share, for the top 10 list (no. 11). However, Apple Maps (Apple Maps are the ultimate doesn’t even have a place.

second: Facebook

although the mobile version of Facebook is very popular, but the gap is still 10%, behind the Google map.

no. : YouTube

main UGC, backed by Google, the world’s largest video sharing site Youtube, there is no doubt become a third place winner.

a fourth: Google +

although Google + has defects of one kind or another, can be used as a polymerization Google services platform, its potential is unlimited. Google + 30%, ranking fourth.

fifth: WeChat (WeChat)

mobile IM already more and more fierce competition of the market, and gradually formed a “balkanization” mini-bosses development momentum. However, tencent’s WeChat, peremptory has become the leader in the application. Despite the large population base, objective factors, but 27% of the proportion is still a proud achievement.

6 to 10: Twitter, Skype, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, sets a

as a model of weibo, Twitter has been very high popularity. With PC accumulated huge user resources, mobile application still maintained a good development prospect. Accounted for 22%, ranking sixth in mobile phone version of Twitter.

Skype Internet phone calls and instant messaging applications FacebookMessenger respectively by a narrow gap, seventh and eighth.

close for some time, Whatsapp seems to have awakened from his sleep. Not only changed the profit pattern of charge for download once upon a time, but also positive update all kinds of functions. It is understood that at present it has more than 300 million the number of monthly active users.

10th is a famous image sets a social application, accounted for 11%. Since a buyout by Facebook, sets the development journey seems more smooth. Issued by a period of time before a short video sharing features, more is considered to be a direct challenge to the Vine. It is understood that Twitter’s Vine, no. 17 accounted for 2%.

followed by some applications are: the famous local sign in sharing Foursquare, music search on the Android platform application Shazam (music) radar, yahoo Flickr photo sharing application, and the American version of the famous public comment on Yelp.

careful you may have found that more than half of China top ten applications users can’t access… The top five in Google won three.