The world’s first 3 d guns next week

Beijing time on May 5, according to foreign media reports, eight months ago, 3 d printing gun group “Distributed Defense” (Defense, Distributed), head of the organization at the University of Texas, 25, (the University of Texas) law student Cody Wilson (Cody Wilson), said his decided to develop the world’s first fully made use of 3 d printing pistol.

now, Wilson has achieved the goal of their own.

according to sita, Wilson will be released as early as next week which called “the sex pistols” 3 d printing CAD file. And Wilson also allows the Forbes magazine staff writer Andy Greenberg (Andy Greenberg) recorded the whole process of the pistol manufacturing. However, greenberg said, in his own sure this 3 d pistol can work stable, and 3 d printing CAD file is uploaded to the online gun blue figure website before, he won’t disclose more details.

dew greenberg, the sex all the 16 prototype parts are made of ABS plastic to specific 3 d printing equipment is the Dimension of Stratasys SST model 3 d printers, but not the only use of 3 d technology printed components is gun firing pin. It is understood that the guns will be able to use the hand of the standard device, and can support different caliber bullets.

yan “, “distributed defense” issued by the organization of the 3 d pistol and another not print components: the organization publish or perish installed a body weight 6 ounces (0.17 kg) of iron, its purpose is to make the metal detectors can find a pistol to meet the cannot detect guns Act (Undetectable Firearms Act) of the relevant requirements. In march, “distributed defense” won the United States federal gun license authorization, so that he became a legal gun manufacturers.

of course, the user may not comply with the rules of Because once the file is uploaded to the site, so the user can download and print these guns in private, without regard to the question of whether legitimate, but also can avoid the government for gun owners the required background checks and other requirements.

Wilson in the summer of last year Forbes reporter interview once said: “you can print out with lethal force equipment, it does some I’m afraid, but it is what we wanted to show.”

in fact, since its inception in August last year, Wilson’s group has been in the 3 d printing as many guns files uploaded to the site, and his move sparked controversy. Thought, this approach blurs the boundaries between gun control and censorship. So far, Wilson’s group has already posted including to AR – 15 and AK – 47 rifles high-capacity magazine, a semi-automatic rifle gun, a cartridge, and barrel such as the playing file.

at the same time, it also makes the Wilson became one of the most controversial figures in 3 d printing field. In October last year, after Stratasys understand Wilson’s plans to take back the leased to “distributed defense” 3 d printers of the organization. In January of this year, private Makerbot 3 d printing company has site from its users upload the print design Thingiverse removed all 3 d print pistol on file. New York senator Steve iser Lyle (Steve Israel) tries to through the revision of the cannot detect guns act to add the new clauses 3 d printing parts.

“if criminals can print out the plastic guns in the home, and can be safely through the metal detector, all security checks, background checks and gun laws will be useless. When I first heard this news in a few months ago, I was told that research also belongs to the stage of science fiction. But now, the technology has proven to be feasible, so we need to expand legislation in the field of plastic guns.” Iser Lyle said in a statement.

however, above all of these resistance makes Wilson more eager to prove the feasibility of the 3 d printed a gun. Wilson said: “everyone is talking about 3 d printing revolution. So, when everyone can do this, do you think will happen? I’m very interested to see the true potential of this tool, that is system of 3 d printing can produce real gun?”

from the current situation, Wilson has proved the feasibility of the plan.

translation: tencent technology