The Wintel alliance decline: Intel to Google

the CNET CNET chief correspondent brooke klose, (BrookeCrothers) published an article called “the decline of the Wintel alliance: Intel to Google. The article argues that with the decline of Windows, Microsoft, Intel alliance (Wintel) are collapsing, Intel will instead hegemony with Google.

for a long time, Microsoft Windows as a foundation for PC, Intel as PC engine, the Wintel alliance has ruled the PC world. But now, Windows is in decline, as Intel needs to be looking for chassis. Obviously, Google is a good choice.

as a result, Intel are turning to Google. Intel’s insiders have said long ago, the future belongs to the Android. This week, Intel elaborated this point again.

in the next few months, Intel is expected to be launched partnership with Google Android based on Intel processors laptops and netbooks, priced at between $200 to $500. As for manufacturers, may be the first former netbooks manufacturer asus and acer.

in addition, Intel communications group is developing Android mobile phones. It may be similar to the lenovo K900, MOTOROLA RAZR I or asus FonePad such products. Intel also is expected to first in the developing countries to promote the new product.

use Intel processor Android tablets, and achieved good results in China market. Of course, this notebook. Most of this used the Intel processors, including acer C7 this and HP Pavilion this.

dumped Microsoft Intel can be achieved much success? In the next 12 months, we can see.

translation: tencent technology