“The wild guess figure” revenue of millions of yuan Follow-up and “crazy” series

(editor: qing nan)

experienced a brief, the wild guess figure seems to be calm. But the operation of the product team but don’t think so, it’s not the wild guess figure in apple’s App Store yesterday launched a new version, game levels increased to 720, the new “crazy” medal. It also began to learn QQ play incentive?

in fact, because of the “wild guess figure” game is relatively simple, this forces continuously upgrade product team, product to increase the difficulty and dependence. The topic quantity also in succession from the 1.1 version of the 475 to 720 today.

the wild guess figure user scale now how? In a conference recently, the author encountered the product owner Sun Jinchao, performance and the future development of this kind of product do the simple communication.

“wild guess figure” users is still in the fast-growing

if you think the wild guess figure product has no one to play, that would be wrong. At present in China, Google play has the total list before 30, occupy the third in the games. In apple’s App Store in China although free list fell a few days ago, but it was already in the 40 or so. While the newly launched “crazy guess song consecutive App Store at the top of a free of charge.

see such rankings, a lot of people will suspect is the official in the brush list. But Sun Jinchao apparently don’t think so, he told hunting cloud network, although the wild guess figure slightly cool, but the average daily still more than hundreds of thousands of new users. But he did not disclose the source of the user as a whole and regional distribution.

hunting cloud network is forecasted, the main users of the journal wild guess figure has been developed from the first line city white-collar users, gradually aspire to spread to the second – and third-tier even county level market. Share these groups and social habits is different with the first group of users, it also indirectly affect the spread of somewhat.

however, this does not affect the wild guess figure income. Sun Jinchao to hunt cloud network, according to the product at present income has reached several million yuan, has been profitable. According to previous reports that the wild guess figure team just 4 people, development cost is less than 100000 yuan.

launched two new products are currently trying to generate revenues by users to buy virtual currency, using 90 gold COINS to get a prompt every time the user, the user can pay RMB to buy gold, standard for minimum 6 yuan 280 gold COINS, 128 yuan, 8000 gold COINS.

follow-up and the wild guess x series product

the wild guess figure product was an instant hit, this also let Sun Jinchao product team confident. After all, the first famous products by means of WeChat has captured a large number of users. Their next step is the product brand.

may be in secret, Sun Jinchao didn’t say too much. He said, will continue to push the wild guess x series products. In addition to last week launched “crazy guess song, will play out which products form? He did not disclose.

the song wild guess online on June 28, after apple’s App Store, successive a few days have been in a hot free one slot, comment has exceeded 48700, maintaining high heat.

in the wild guess figure, part of the problem is directly related to the brand, the player’s crazy interaction also let the team had the very big inspiration, “product or will consider brand commercial in the future.” Sun Jinchao said.