The wild guess figure developers to raise $2.5 million m Three will do

(editor: qing nan)

with the wild guess figure mobile phone game developers quickly hao teng jia family has recently received A $2.5 million round of investment, investment orientation qiming, the news is also confirmed by the company CEO xiao-gang cao.

before the wild guess figure, hao teng jia families, although unlike today so interesting, but also a minor celebrity. In 2011, hao teng jia family won the “qualcomm innovation – sequoia cup China 2011 wireless business competition” TOP 10, CEO xiao-gang cao also won the “2011 China CE – MEGA” hundreds of the most active young entrepreneur award “. Is, therefore, in the early stage, and the company has obtained the very angel investment funds and perilous peak huaxing.

hao teng jia family who produced before game 3, respectively, recreational gambling “crazy bird”; Time management class “fashion designer and puzzle of the lamb”. Among them, the only “crazy bird” also made a small amount of income. After a few times to explore and draw lessons from foreign products, the wild guess figure product just a star, as a crazy series in the second paragraph of the wild guess song also late last month.

however, due to the product features is limited, these games in the mainstream market seems to have become “phenomenal” products, heat decreases. The wild guess figure in first-tier cities rapid cooling, the wild guess song also failed to bring about is too big.

in this case, qiming why investment hao teng jia?

references mentioned in some media, hao teng jia product selection and execution, the follow-up development potential is an important reason of arc is valued. Can select the wild guess figure this new style of products, and will develop in the short term “crazy guess song, this suggests that the ability of the team, therefore, the follow-up has much room for growth. (VC is not playing well)

$2.5 million in financing have water, this moment was unable to confirm (you know, the industry generally exaggerated). Hao teng jia family got the former is indeed. The next step how to go?

cloud network hunting understands from multiple, hao teng jia subsequent work will focus on team building, promote new products and commercial three aspects.

is the first team building: for the game product development, technology, design, planning and operations, and other aspects, as a result, many hands make light work, get the money after rapidly expanding team definitely will go. You know, the original team on wild guess figure only four people, and at present, the team has been expanded to about 20 people.

new propulsion: this is in the cloud network a few days ago “” mentioned in the article. The wild guess figure product was an instant hit, this also let Sun Jinchao product team confident. After all, the first famous products by means of WeChat has captured a large number of users. Their next step is the product brand. He said, will continue to push the wild guess x series products. In addition to last week launched “crazy guess song, will play out which products form? He did not disclose. For the new product development, CEO xiao-gang cao also disclosed recently.


with sell virtual currency, “wild guess figure is preliminary already harvested the first bucket of gold, know there from Sun Jinchao, amount to millions of dollars. In terms of new products, stressed that he will pay attention to the display of brand merchants, this may be an important embodiment of commercialization. Hunting cloud network is forecasted, in the new product will be more emphasis on brand merchants content implant, despite the wild guess figure, have a brand business, but is all free of charge. In addition, display advertising also is a direction, after the blue port online has launched advertising, the media claimed amount reached one million yuan.