The valley! Song! Want to! Open! Hair!!!! “Star trek” computer

Beijing time on April 15, according to foreign media reports, Google is a ever walked off the road, it wants to produce the computer in the “star trek”.

Google has a great obsession, it wants to produce “star trek” display inside the computer.

I first know that Google is interested in “star trek” in the summer of 2010. Google want to show me at that time, a spokesman for the company is actively developing the visual search and speech recognition technology.

at the time, those features only available in the Android mobile phone, by his iPhone and Android was in a fully the state of play. So when the Google spokesman told me, he think is the latest version of Android devices like the star trek tricorder with the aircraft carrier Enterprise (USS Enterprise) on the combination of computer products, I think it’s just struggling Google gimmick to attract media attention.

in fact, what he said is not wholly, in 2010, through the voice commands to search on the mobile phone is really cool, and not just like “star trek” is so cool.

but since then, the “star trek” was always appear in the mouth of Google employees from time to time. Last year, in order to write a Google voice search and the contrast between the apple Siri’s article, I had an interview with Google search team engineer director Scott hoffman (Scott Huffman). I asked him to describe the voice search technology development course, he also mentioned the “star trek” in the computer.

he said: “you can ask, ‘hey, Google, where should I eat? “It may answer” you seem to prefer Italian food, so might as well try this restaurant? ‘”

a few weeks ago, I had an interview with Google search team of product management director at mar HuoShu the (Tamar Yehoshua). I asked her: “about what life will be like in the future will become a kind of search, if you make a plan.” She smiled and replied: “our goal is to produce a” star trek “that kind of electricity in the brain. You can talk to it, it should get to know you, and you can talk with you.”

but I still not seriously to treat what they said. After all, Google is likely to be the strangest of large companies in the world, its employees if like “star trek”, that is not surprising.

after, lead to Google search ranking team Amit singh (Amit Singhal) in the South by Southwest (South by Southwest Interactive Festival) is mentioned again during a speech on “star trek”. Singh said that the original “star trek” is one of his favorite program, he has been eager to one day be able to sand and William Turner (William Shatner) meet, as long as the latter don’t sell to his hotel room.

singh added: “the fate of the Google search engine is into the computer in” star trek “, that is we have been trying to direction.”

although I always hear “star trek” when interview them, but I think that that is just a marketing tool, Google employees constantly mentioned “star trek” computer because it is a good reference, but Google should do not want to produce one like encyclopedia learned more knowledge and computer and human nature.

but Mr Singh’s words make me feel very surprised. If Google’s plan really is to produce a “star trek” computer? If we the way most people use the search is not Google hopes to become the way search? Google in the development of the subsequent product in the first paragraph of the products, they really get inspiration from captain kirk?

so I made a special trip to go to Google to interview some directly involved in the Google search engine development work. Singh said to me: “” star trek” computer is not just our company is a metaphor used in the development of new products, it is also our ultimate goal.”

he said, adding that the search team internally discussing how to improve the search engine often mention “star trek”. He said: “sometimes we will say, ‘captain kirk would never pull out a keyboard to ask questions. ‘so it will be our a design principle, we do that because of “star trek” entered computer support language, if we want to achieve that goal, we must dismantle the speech recognition and machine learning obstacles.”

if Google really in efforts to develop “star trek” computers, what does that mean? I think that means don’t use Google as a search engine.

search engine some key problems. First, sometimes it is not can provide the user with an answer, it just provides a link to answer. Second, it does not understand natural language. When you are in the search, you must accept the dialect of search engine based on keywords. Third, and perhaps most importantly, search engines need you ask it.

“star trek” computer work style is completely different. Voice and talkative, it knows it can give you the answer instead of the reference answer, it could even predict your demand. Singh said: “it is the perfect search engine. You can ask a question to him, it will tell you the correct answer, some of it can tell you before you ask questions should know some information in advance.”

Google this goal may need a long time to realize, but it has been developing towards the development of such a device in the process of a huge leap forward. For now, many of the search, you will find that Google offers you a direct answer more and more.

Google search can do this, partly because it has to understand the meaning of the concept. In recent years, Google has been in the establishment of the so-called “knowledge chart”, it is the real world of object database. Before compiling knowledge chart, Google’s direct search approach.

now, Google search engine is to accumulate knowledge about Tom cruise and other celebrities directly. After analyzing all the information on the web, Google will know Tom cruise is a person’s name, his gender as male, he is an actor, once the three marriage, he starred in the films include “Risky Business” (Risky Business), he was born on July 3, 1962 in Syracuse, New York.

Google know it is not just a celebrity. It is also in the accumulation of information about you. Google announced Gmail in two months ago has entered the field testing, it can search engine together with your email, so you can search information about your personal problems. Search, for example, “I what time does the plane take off,” because it seen your inbox content, so it can tell you when to leave for the airport.

in the end, Google has been moving into the direction of your forecast. The most typical example is Google Now, which is an Android application, can provide useful information when you need. Google Now can not only remind you that the plane is about to enter the port, it will also warn you along the way traffic conditions.

in order to understand the Google’s strategic plan, in 2011, I had an interview with Mr Singh, he said to me: “I can imagine a world in which I don’t even need to search. At noon, I search engine can immediately tell me around what hotel is I might like, because they provide very spicy food.” Two years later, Google is ready to develop the prediction function of the computer.

Google in the production of “star trek” computer has made great progress on Google’s every employee told me that the company has a lot of problems to be solved. At the end of last year, I attended a Google user research laboratory research, the purpose is to find out what people want information, but they are impossible to get the information from Google.

study consult the opinions of more than 100 participants, asking them to list all day “information needs”. The answer is Google in the development of “star trek”, the main barriers to the computer: Google know enough information. Although Google has accumulated a lot of knowledge, but people have put forward the problem of the breadth and depth of still far exceeds the capability of the Google.

to solve these problems is not just the scale problem, Google equipment running faster and faster, its data is becoming more and more big. Tamar, “HuoShu said:” we will find some new methods to finish the work.”

at the same time, Google’s search team is convinced that it can achieve the “star trek” dream. Singh said: “you have in your phone to see the” star trek “computer of some hint. Now we are going to make it to ‘toothbrush test stage, is to allow you to use twice a day.”

singh expects the goal will be completed within three years. And he said, Google’s “star trek” computers will be very good, you can at least ask two questions, it was a day while it is absolutely the right answer.

singh added: “in five years, you won’t believe you ever lived without it for so many years. Search engines look back now, you would say, ‘is that really the way we search for information? ‘this is what I have met the best time in the search field. I have time to do the work for 22 years, I worked at Google for 12 years, so I know. This is the most exciting moment, every morning I worked more genuinely excited than before. These are what has happened in our life.”