The truth of the ali wireless

the author: wang

someone says so, alibaba wireless strategy is actually very simple, two legs: on the one hand, their development and application, to do the business from the PC to the wireless pan; On mergers and acquisitions, on the other hand, or take a stake in, fill in the wireless the ecological chain, finally, realize the layout of a taobao.

seems to be nothing wrong. Recently this period of time, alibaba executives have said, wireless taobao deformation, social ecology, this is the legendary one leg; More recently, news about someone who was alibaba investment more and more, combined with previous on investment Momo, tintin is favorable, the fact that music, dried shrimp and market rumors about investment and their Allies, ink weather, and the official declaration of the wireless strategy, this seems to be the legendary the other leg.

if you really like this letter, do you really don’t understand the company.

first of all, let us recall a slogn: taobao, taobao’s life. Second, we’ll think about ali is how to describe yourself: yes, that’s the word, everywhere.

well, so let’s see, when life and everywhere together, what would it be? Borderless life circle, what is the carrier of the life circle – based on mobile Internet provide application scenarios, scenario how come? Yes, it is more a wider range of entrance.

this is the truth.

simple, alibaba group about the thinking and strategy of the mobile Internet, may be around the following three contexts: wireless shopping transferred from the PC (flow, data), from shopping to life circle, around the world and created the application scenario, setting up the traffic for perfect application scenario entry — — — — — – when you put the closed-loop out, you will find that this is a complete ecological chain structure.

here, we can carefully to comb.

1, two legs? Life is wrong, no boundary

taobao, alibaba need Tmall advantages of shopping on the Internet end smooth into mobile phones and mobile Internet side, despite their own admission, they are two different world almost completely. But at the same time, who acknowledge that in the long run, from users and traded, wireless e-commerce will be more than the PC now, and this time, maybe is 2 years.

the latest report data show that in 2012 China mobile e-commerce market territory, mobile phone taobao accounted for 63%. But in a rapidly changing situation in the Internet age, the digital obviously can’t reassured alibaba, alibaba must find out a better approach.

a few weeks ago from wireless taobao BuYing, head of the remarks in an interview, “through the deformation, the selection provides consumers with one thousand thousand, provide diversification and enrichment of the content, provide rapidly taobao’s experience in the fragmentation of the time.” This means that taobao has been realized and start using a different way than that of the PC to access to wireless shopping, but also for differentiation and rivals.

this is because, and PC often lasted for more than half an hour browsing, mobile e-commerce users often use mobile phones in pieces of time to complete an impromptu browsing, price comparison, social recommendation, collection, quick to buy, such as the way to work, go off work way, watch TV, lie on the bed, before sleep. Then, the user or directly in the wireless terminal to complete purchase (this is alibaba would prefer), or back to PC operation complex and bargaining activities.

in plain English, taobao want users to “clean out” anytime and anywhere.

2. Life is the basis of the application scenario, is not only a O2O.

jack ma in the years before the concept of “taobao is life”, from today, the best ground reflect this concept is wireless, it is also because wireless itself have the LBS of function and the characteristics of the portable terminal.

on the other hand, this also is for judging from consumer demand, in the past decade, taobao shopping erased the geography respectively, consumers can also buy online on hainan island in xinjiang korla fragrant pear, a lot of four cities of girls can buy on taobao has yet to enter their offline estee lauder cosmetics.

but with the rise of local consumer demand, the user may be said, more requirements of the order in the morning to buy vegetables, you can receive in the afternoon, or, on the Internet to buy discount tickets on the night, or through the Internet and evaluation, find a suitable domestic service.

these, are the laying in regional and local services, taobao is not enough.

in March of this year, alibaba chairman jack ma in CCTV’s “dialogue” when talked about, life service class electricity as continuing in the morning sun, do in the future I hope never below the manufacturing and retail industry. And when asked if the local life and mobile Internet combines together, what will happen? Is Mr. Ma’s judgment, could make a very wonderful things.

in the field of the cost of living in the Internet, is currently the most popular one word O2O. But for now alibaba in the layout of this field is relatively perfect.

first, alibaba has a coupon deals for platform, here also includes its Meituan net investment, even think network CEO Mr Wang Meituan, group purchase is the best breakthrough point of O2O. Second ali also has local life platforms, including the food and beverage service businesses, the electronic coupon, renting, tickets to the theatre performance, delivery and other services, including bargain in terms of the client, the local life, taobao voucher coupons, taobao, film, etc., also want to consider this place to ali investment tintin is favorable, the latter is one of the current domestic large mobile coupon APP.

then, ali and online is an important product: adding a clattering, the latter is an important feature is the qr code and price comparison, and according to insiders revealed that they had to do let the user when the eyes will use, a scenario is, for example, in newspapers, magazines, take a photo of goods, you can jump straight to the taobao purchase, this will greatly expand the application scenario of shopping.

in the end, in other product level, ali also have a map, a critical factor in the mobile Internet, taobao low-key launch in October last year, not only provide basic maps and location-based services, also provides local business information, discount information, and other local services), taobao city, shopping assistant, consumption maps, and other applications.

is the most key link, ali pay treasure such a powerful tool, after all, the pay is the most critical step in forming O2O trading, for a long time, many applications are struggling to authenticate users from online to offline consumption behavior, and consumer products and services, ali’s local life with the tools of alipay can easily realize the online payment.

in addition, pay treasure itself, as a tool, has been in service for offline application scenarios to explore more, such as shake transfer, qr code, super payment, etc.

in addition to the layout with complete early, layout, alibaba do local living consumption advantage is, alibaba will likely be large-scale commodity sales and corresponding correlation matching service consumption, and channeling the consumer from online to offline, at the same time, drive the user consumption habits, that may be in the promotion of 3, 4 cities are important, taobao itself in 3, 4 cities, after all, consumers and businesses in a very wide application.

don’t forget, in terms of life, alibaba has just put the shrimp music income bursa, in the past at the beginning of April, consumers have been able to online shopping, while listening to the music on the page. Isn’t this a kind of life?

3, forget the SNS products, is now a social ecology.

who couldn’t deny that social networking is a killer application of mobile Internet s. Alibaba on performance is not like shopping in this respect.

in the past few years, alibaba in trying many social fields, from the earliest tao jianghu to love to go shopping, circle, dense rabbit community, correspondence, lake, but because of some natural reason, these products have not been able to prop up ali’s social dream. Rather like sina weibo and tencent micro letter, has become a social class of the main entrance.

basically, but to give up the role of social class application on O2O, their role is one of the biggest mobile side flow entrance.

as vice President, alibaba wireless Qiu Changheng has said, for the mouth products will be preferred. Alibaba hope that, through the social relations of polymerization to promote consumers continued viscosity.

after so many years, ali was clear about their own direction of SNS, they don’t think taobao can creating a lot of SNS product, but it is a platform that can produce a large number of user-generated content. Ali want to do is just to build a relationship between the seller and the buyer communication platform, help provide collaboration tools, the ultimate goal or contributing to purchase behavior.

the ultimate purpose, or hope that through social networks, to have the characteristics of different sellers find buyers with interactive channels, let buyers can customize mode to find the right seller, increase user stickiness platform. In other words, the SNS for alibaba, is a reengineering of business model.

in fact, this kind of judgment is right. After all, with the development of mobile Internet gradually mature, and the mobile SNS social networking, and constantly enrich the content of the SNS social networking in the near future to become an important platform of network marketing. And according to the essence of marketing, br flow entrance.

4, entrance, or the entrance.

from all kinds of signs, it seems, for considering flow entrance, alibaba itself is never give up, from the prosperous mobile version to the letter, to taobao browser, and assistant, wireless search a variety of online. Above and around a variety of products set up this kind of ecosystem, sellers and buyers are not alone in their approach to play the two objects, also including the TP, including brands. Different roles to make different information, many users subscribe to and feedback information, forming a flow of information is “cycle”.

in this place, alibaba has several advantages, taobao is inherently have the ability to aggregate consumers, consumers are born on taobao, the relationship between the user’s clear and direct consumer and business demand, at the same time that demand tend to spontaneously form gangs and clique, the key is that alibaba can grasp and understanding of consumer behavior data, and make good digital operations.

in this field, ali also invest a lot of different types of products into the mouth, such as Momo, like the legendary ink weather. It has more than 50 dollars in cash, god knows what will happen!

do you think about? Yes, Mr Ma and his alibaba has been emphasized that they do not business, but ecological; Their construction is not the company, but a social organization.

this is the alibaba in the field of mobile Internet strategy final. So, to buy ah, oneself do ah, these are the floating clouds. Stationing, netting, the truth is, they are everywhere.


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