The top ten ideas of 4,5,6

One of the important transformations from traditional education to modern education is to realize the transformation from informative education to creative education. Because the knowledge economy more demonstrates the creative role of human, the potential of human creativity becomes the most valuable and inexhaustible resource. Modern education emphasizes education and teaching process is a highly creative process, in order to guide, inspire, guide, develop and train students’ creativity can be the basic goal. It advocates creative education and teaching methods and beautiful education and teaching arts to create education and teaching environment so as to fully tap and cultivate human creativity and cultivate creative talents. Modern education advocates that the complete education of creativity is formed by the combination of innovation education (aimed at cultivating students ‘innovative spirit, innovative ability and innovative personality) and entrepreneurship education (referring to cultivating students’ entrepreneurial spirit, entrepreneurial ability and entrepreneurial personality) The formation of the ecological chain. Therefore, to strengthen innovation education and entrepreneurship education and to promote the combination and integration of the two and to cultivate innovative and pioneering composite talents has become the basic goal of modern education.
Modern education is a kind of subjective education. It fully affirms and respects the value of human subject, promotes human subjectivity, fully mobilizes and gives full play to the initiative of the main body of education, and transforms the external and objective education into the main body of the educated Active activities. The core of the concept of subjectivity is to fully respect the subject status of every educated person, and “teaching” is always carried out around “learning” to maximize the inherent potential and learning motivation of the students so that the students are replaced by passive and accepting objects Become a positive and active subject and center, so that the process of education truly become the activities of students and self-conscious process of self-construction. To this end, it requires that the education process should shift from the traditional teacher-centered teaching materials to the classroom-centered education system to student-centered activities as the center and practices as the center to promote independent education, happy education and success Education and research-based learning such as new lively and subjective education model to ignite students’ enthusiasm for learning to develop students’ interest and habits of learning to improve students’ learning ability so that students actively and vividly learn and develop.
Personalized concept
Rich personality development is the source of creating spiritual and innovative abilities. The era of knowledge-based economy is an era of innovation. It requires a large number of personalized talents with a rich and distinct personality to support it. Therefore, it gives birth to the concept of personalized education. Modern education emphasizes respecting individuality, facing individual differences, publicizing individuality and encouraging personality development. It allows students to develop differently. It advocates adopting different methods of education and evaluation criteria for different personality traits to create conditions for the full development of each student ‘s personality. It infiltrates the concept of cultivating perfect personality into all elements and links of education and teaching, and thus has a profound and lasting influence on students’ physical and psychological qualities, especially their personality qualities. In the educational practice, the concept of individuation first requires the creation and creation of a personalized educational environment and atmosphere, and builds a platform for personalized education. Secondly, in the educational concept, it advocates equality, tolerance and interaction with teachers and students, recognizes and respects the personality of students Differences, for each student personality display and development to provide equal opportunities and conditions to encourage learners to show their supernatural power; once again in the educational methods, pay attention to adopt different educational measures to implement personalized education, pay attention to teaching students according to their aptitude, from the commonalty education Mode to personalized education mode change, to the healthy development of personality to provide a relaxed space for growth.