The tenth anniversary of taobao, through shrimp account login directly

the 4 in taobao joint shrimp roll out to listen to music while shopping service, and in the ten anniversary of the account through the behavior of the taobao taobao account users can be directly used for shrimp network login. But the current account each other only in taobao and dried shrimp music network website. This suggests that the shrimps and taobao has been a gradual in-depth cooperation between.


with accounts at the same time, the user on taobao audition will be synchronized to the records of shrimp on the source, it’s not hard to guess the shrimps has been proud of “one thousand” push “, is bound to taobao for different users, to be fond of of distribution, in taobao shopping store push different music services at the same time.

on the other hand, users on taobao search and consumption recorded at the same time also to shrimp push technology provides the accurate data to support. For example according to the users to buy CD , search a star or songs, browsed a star shop, etc., targeted recommend album or songs, push related music information. This is a virtuous circle, account communication, data communication, make the user experience become more diversified, personalized and humanized.

from taobao page isn’t hard to see the 10th anniversary of the online activities, shrimp have been customized for this batch of users music service, also to reflect the new positioning of taobao omni-directional platform activation.

Taobao and shrimp

it is understood that the future will launch more products, not only in the web side, the wireless is working on the cooperation, and the information received from veteran in shrimp also belong to ali wireless terminal important a layout. Music market spread will inevitably will also be 2013 the focus of a pen, charge and artist wins in the digital music, taobao, the general users of trading market, coupled with the important music properties of dried shrimp, the relationship between the behind this figure, seems to have worn in a new direction of the industry.