The survey showed 19% of north American consumers are interested in purchasing iWatch

Beijing time on April 22, the United States market Research firm ChangeWave Research, according to a survey released on Friday, a total of 19% of north American consumers “likely” apple is rumored iWatch smart watches.

according to the report, a total of 5% of consumers “very likely” to purchase iWatch, another 14% “might have” to buy. Compared to a 2010 survey, about 18% of the respondents could buy was still on the stage of rumors of apple tablet, of which 4% “very likely”. In 2005, according to the survey also has 18% of the respondents are likely to buy Mac with a Intel processors.

what if apple to launch iWatch, the investigation of the product is clearly a good one million. The published since 2010, has been leading the tablet market, success against many imitators and new opponent’s attack. And switch to Intel processors to improve Mac sales also rose to the effect that cannot ignore.

enhance consumer interest in apple smart watches is apple’s customer loyalty, the most important factor in the possible purchase iWatch respondents, 18% said that they are making this choice, the most main or trust apple. In may buy iWatch respondents, 16% of people said, they are most interested in is the intelligent watches can bring convenience, 14% consider it “cool factor”, 11% think that the device can interact with other apple products easily.

the survey time for March 4 to 19, polled 1713 consumers, mainly in North America.

ChangeWave Research analyst Andy croup (Andy Golub) said: “apple launched products are very easy to use, and very cool, this is also prompted rumours of iWatch got the reason of high demand has not yet been released. Although iWatch may not exist, but if there is, will surely be high hopes – this is expected to be an apple and a huge success.”

about apple to develop iWatch smart watches the news earlier this year began to spread, several reports have claimed at the time, the company is developing a wrist accessories, even for the project set up a team of 100 people.

it is thanks to the height of the market for smart watches, the startup Pebble by the raised platform Kickstarter funds raised more than $1000, for developing intelligent watches. Before it is reported that LG, samsung, Google and Microsoft are also in the development of smart watches.