The study found that 92% of U.S. mobile phone users in use at least a Google apps

recently, a chart of the data from market research firm, according to 92% of U.S. mobile phone users in use at least one kind of application service from Google.

as the age of the Internet giant, Google, Facebook, Yahoo, respectively ranked the top three, became the highest penetration rate in the U.S. smartphone users. The fourth to seven of the amazon, AOL, apple, Microsoft respectively.

in giant provides us with a full range of services such as Google, the user is created for these companies relying too much on. As the Internet industry veteran players, Instapaper creator Marco Arment Marco was absolutely Internet open mental decline in recent years, the Internet company not think of themselves as part of the open network, “but rather think of yourself as a cage, moment the user wants to” off “in their own services provided by the”.