The story behind the double-sided iClouds: iClouds frequent problems

some of the recent criticism revealed up this brand falling behind. up together different technologies for developers to the many problems and confusion. This is the essence of a series of problems: the apple that had two sets of iClouds , but they are very different.

up in the 2011 year, it is apple in order to expand business and launched online synchronization, and data storage services, like MobileMe the same. Since its launch, the business is growing fast, reportedly now users have more than the 2.5 million, regardless of where in the world this is one of the most commonly used cloud services. But has a huge user base means when it have any problems, it will become the major news media headlines and on the BBS.


, up keep appearing negative news, some problems that caused these negative news also appears in the iOS and Mac platform of software developers. I spent a lot of time and the developer discussion in the up according to the plan of the difficulties they encounter in the course of operation. More discussion, however, cannot solve the up several different aspects of the problem. There are some application preference with the up cloud backup and email, there are some developers of application is to synchronize to the core data ( the Core Data ). (simple said is up and the Core Data database synchronization problems, temporarily can’t solve the apple)

core data synchronization, it is in the user’s Mac, iphone and the show users to store a copy of the data. For those who are interested in apple’s cloud solutions of developers, the seamless link is a big selling point. Mr. Jobs said the app into the up storage system that is really very simple, but not be all very simple. Existing problems are also very , but now we still don’t know the truth.

about up up is just a name.

so really exist two up , a consumer service for apple, another for developers, so that part of their application.

I say these not kidding, up is for app and services, such as called iMessage –, Mail, up to backup, iTunes, Photo Stream , more is based on the technology different developers APIs on the basis of, so cause a lot of problems. iWork will actually call the developer’s APIs, but only document synchronization, rather than the core data, that lead to a lot of problems.

so I said, there are two iClouds, a is used for service for itself, including apple, the other one is used as a developer of APIs and apple’s own software features. I’m here did not say whether it is right or wrong or fair, and so on, these are the facts!

up for developers is far from perfect overall solution, the so-called looser network protocols and system also is yet. It involves many departments and disciplines within the apple and the team, this is a very fragile system. If there is a bug , may involve team including OS X, iOS file system framework, network, and other multiple product team. The problem is difficult to diagnose is difficult to repair.

apple bundled, both consumers and developers in the development of technology and implement not up any support, when people say up really bad when they what meaning be? They are talking about the development tools and documentation synchronization service? They are talking about is similar to up and iTunes the consumer service?

but the problem is that developers can’t see the possibility of problems will be solved. They can only by better documentation and better responsiveness to solve the problem. In apple, up have the best team of the best resources, they should can completely solve the problem.

up , if apple doesn’t give developers to provide better resources, all will become meaningless. Only let it return to zero, zero inspires those who deliberately delay or reserve resources (two-year developers conference has been advocating) developers put up integrated into their app , all efforts just want up better and easy to use.

all, in the hope that these concerns will cause some reactions, there is no reason to make apple down up some of the services (such as