The sole fact: former employees of gome BT

gome and personnel earthquake, gome President Han Depeng online will leave in the near future, is in the off state. Said gome insiders analysis on the development of online during the past two years, losses but no less frequency lose opportunities, has been following the run position. Seeks superior had indicated that the departure of Korea.

gome Internet twists and, a former gome employees contribute to hunt cloud network reported today, according to gome’s lack of Internet genes, a lot of practice “abnormal”
Here is the employee to hunt cloud network broke the BT things,

1, the government full

in 2010 group-buying hot, gome internal to do deals had been suggested, that has the so-called management support, but from July, 2010, group purchase project approval in 2012 to the programme to the horse, a full two years have passed, badly missed market opportunities. What are those people doing? Every day thinking about optimization process, adjust the structure. Government bureaucracy is very obvious. To put it bluntly, gome has realized the group takes a lot of money, but don’t know what future again, the lack of determination and drive.

2, supervisory staff without human

about the gome group, and a very strange thing to the outside world. Gome group employees regulated was almost out of breath, department regulations, each business expand the staff location must be installed on the camera, constantly monitor whether employees in the office. Compared with Internet companies, the staff management method can be called a isn’t human

3, serious internal waste

or in the case of gome group, rigorous supervision staff in order to make staff performance, but the most let employees is unacceptable, very not easy to talk to the list of online but because the project schedule to keep pace with only on abortion. Because there is no, overall planning program creates business and project docking, a large number of manpower cost, operating expenses are easily waste.

4, mysterious seals

if gome regulatory staff doing all they can, then the executive regulation is very strict. Gome internal have a team of about 30 specialized responsible for monitoring of gome executives, perennial besides high-end entertainment places in Beijing. Gome 10 departments of high-level there were many people in management positions and had one long experience before.

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